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Thursday, April 29, 2010

So cute, so impracticable, but I bought it anyways.

Yes...I bought baby sunglasses.  I saw them on mamabargains and had to have them.  I just pictured our two little babies sitting out on our boat with their little hats and life vests on and it made me warm and fuzzy.

Yesterday they arrived. If you tell me they aren't adorable you have no soul.

And now that I can't see anything between my belly and my knees, a view from up above (a comparison):


  1. Too cute! (that would be for both sets of pictures...)

  2. I LOVE the sunglasses! I have got to get a pair. And I actually think they're quite practical so that the babies (baby in my case) don't get sun in their eyes. : )

    Your bump is so cute. Those little ones are growing up a storm...

  3. Not practical my ass! Your babies need those sunglasses, especially on a boat? Good buy, mama!

  4. Those are awesome! Nice bump you got goin on there!

  5. LOVE the sunglasses!!!! They look super cool and I cannot wait to see your babies wearing them..!! Wow your belly is growing fast.. you must love it!!!

  6. those sunglasses are soooo adorable!!!! love the belly bump. hope you're feeling great!