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I am a mom to amazing twin girls, a wife, and I work full time. I battled infertility for 2 years and over the course of treatments, a twin pregnancy, and raising twins I managed to gain about 80 lbs. I’ve lost about 50 lbs so far and would like to lose another 50 in my quest to become a hot mama.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby shower cake...final product

As many of you know, I made my first 2-tiered fondant cake for a friends baby shower 2 weeks ago.  As promised, here is the finished product.


  1. You are so talented! I love that design for a baby boy!!

  2. Really, you made that??? And my little pregnant belly is saying that it looks yummy!!! I am super impressed and wish I had your talent. Some women can do it all- make awesome cakes, carry around 2 babies at once...

  3. It is gorgeous!!!
    I can see it now - your own reality TV series! Cake baker/mom of twins!
    Seriously, with custom cakes being so popular, you could make some serious cash if you started a business.

  4. wow the final product is amazing!! well done girl!!!! I bet it was delicious!!! yummy yum!!!

  5. Emily it is so pretty. Are the pearls edible? When do you start taking orders. I would love to learn fondant work.

  6. Damn!! That's some professional sh*t!!! You go girl!!! xox

  7. Ummm are you kidding me?? That looks like it came out of a magazine!! I love it! I bet it tastes amazing, too. Did you teach yourself how to work with fondant?