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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crib bedding has been ordered!

Woo hooo.  We finally made a decision on a nice gender neutral baby bedding set!  We picked the Lambs & Ivy Park Avenue Collection.

God bless my mom and dad, they bought us two sets, two mobiles, and the decorative letters that go on the wall!  I feel like this nursery is finally becoming a reality.

Here are some pics of the set:

In other baby related news, my "Hooter Hider" came yesterday.  Orginally I wasn't going to buy a nursing cover...I was just going to use a receiving blanket, etc.  But they when I thought about feeding both babies at the same time, it occured to me...I won't have any free hands.  That could be a problem if the blanket fell off.  So when Woot.com had an offer on the Hooter Hider I figured what the hell.  It's pretty cute I must say.

Because I am a nut, I also ordered the cutest baby sunglasses from Babysteals.com.  Can't wait to get them!  I doubt my babies will wear them, but the thought of brining them out on the boat with their little glasses makes me smile.


  1. Wow, I love the bedding combination/theme- so elegant!! So glad everything is going well!

  2. Love the nursery stuff! Beautiful, classy, modern.
    Could it be any more fun to plan all this stuff?

  3. Very cute bedding set...the sunglasses sound so cute too, love it!

  4. Finding gender neutral bedding is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Nice work finding an adorable set!!! Crazy how pink and blue everything seems to be.

  5. wow girl you move fast!!! Congrats on ordering the bedding set.. which looks amazing!! You are so organised..i have nothing yet.. start to get shopping I think!!!

  6. Very nice.

    Little babies in sunglasses are so cute. And don't forget the floppy hat to protect those precious ears and noses!