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I am a mom to amazing twin girls, a wife, and I work full time. I battled infertility for 2 years and over the course of treatments, a twin pregnancy, and raising twins I managed to gain about 80 lbs. I’ve lost about 50 lbs so far and would like to lose another 50 in my quest to become a hot mama.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I am so full of chit

So this time around I promised myself I wouldn't obsess over every single twinge and cramp I feel....and I am obviously full of it! I did good for the first 4 days of the 2ww...but now I am obsessing..."Oh god, I have cramps, it's only CD6, better brace for AF"

Infertility sucks! Why can't I just get knocked up and be all shocked and awed over it! Instead I get to stress and have mini panic attacks over every cramp. Shitty.

In other news, I believe I may have pissed of a friend of mine who just doesn't understand that I don't give a rats ass about all of our friends that have had babies and how his wife's surprise pregnancy is going. I told him I love him to death, but he will never understand what my husband and I are going through and how gut wrenching it is to hear about everyone else's happy pregnancies. I don't want to see your ultrasound pictures and I don't want to know how big your baby is getting. Callous, perhaps...but at this point in our journey, I simply don't care anymore!

Other than that...looking forward to the weekend. We are going to have some friends over for dinner tonight. I am making a Cuban food feast! We might go down to the marina and hang out, maybe take our boat out for a night cruise....guess we'll play it by ear. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend on the water...some time to not think about whether I am or am not pregnant.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

IUI #3

So to follow-up my previous post, we had to have an IUI while we were on our Florida trip. I would like to share how fun (and my fun I mean suicide provoking) it is to find a doctor that is not your own to do an IUI on you on a Saturday. Anyways, after many many phone calls and curse words my mom actually found one that would do it for us.

I LOVED this doc. He took 30 minutes just siting with DH and I to explain exactly what PCOS is. Ever since I was diagnosed, no on has ever done that with me. I have learned all I know from the internet. I suppose it is kind of like sex in high school....

So DH's counts were REALLY up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost cried when he read us our numbers. Here are the stats from our past 2 IUIs
Stats IUI w/ Follistim in April IUI w/ Follistim on June 6
Post Wash Count 4 Million 10 Million
Motility 0% 70%

I am in absolute shock and awe over the numbers.

Anyways, the last E2 I had done was the Tuesday before and it was up to 952 and I had a 16, 15, and a 13. Based on those results they wanted me to coast on Wednesday and trigger Thursday night. The doc in Florida said I'd definitely have 2, if not 3 follies release. He even let my husband do the insemination...well I mean, he placed the catheter and let him put the sperm in. Crazy nice. The whole experience was just night and day from what it has been.

So I am no 3 DPO. I have decided this time around I am not going to obsess over it like I have in the past. I am going to keep on keeping on which includes drinking caffeine and alcohol and eating sushi. I'll tell you what, going in with that mind set has made all the difference in the world. So glad I decided to do that.

Anyways, the hubster is out of town till Thursday, so I have high hopes of getting my house clean and taking care of things I've been meaning to do for a while!

Fun in the Sun

So we just got back from a trip to Florida. Don't get all jealous...it was a trip to my best friends wedding. It was quite chaotic. Didn't get nearly as much time in the sun as I had hoped.
We stayed at the Diamond Head on Ft. Myers Beach. The hotel was fantastic...although, when we got done with it it smelled quite a bit like a frat house.

The wedding was beautiful. It definitely made everyone a little misty eyed since her mom passed away several months ago. I'll post some pics as soon as I get around to it (which I fully acknowledge I suck at)

Other than that, DH and I completed a super fun race called "Muddy Buddy." It was 7 miles of torture (biking, running, and obstacles) in some horrendous terrain. Felt good to finish though!

We are now preparing for our next race...a Triathlon in 2 weeks. Joy!