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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here for my anatomy scan...Just kidding!

So today's OB appointment was a total waste.  The doctor we saw today was cool as shit.  Unfortunately he doesn't do deliveries since he is the medical director.  I am figuring out how this practice works little by little...and it sucks.  It's really like 4 practices under one roof...there's the regular OB, MFM (which is the group I see), regular u/s, and MFM u/s (which is what I see).  And somehow, no one seems to communicate with one another.

So at my last OB appointment with one of the nurse practitioners in the MFM practice, she wrote me an order to come back from my anatomy scan today (at 16 weeks, 6 days).  I happily obliged because I never miss an opportunity to see my babies.

So we show up after our doctor appointment and sit in a waiting room.  And we sit.  And we sit.  50 minutes after our appointment time we are finally called back. I excitedly roll my maternity pants down and hop on the table.  The u/s covers me in goo and goes "So why are we even seeing you today."  Umm excuse me...shouldn't you know that?  So I reply "For my anatomy scan." Her response "Well I don't know who told you that because it's too early.  We can't do those till at least 20 weeks." So wait a minute...you mean to tell me I have been sitting here wasting my entire morning when I could be at work for a scan that you can't do.  Ok.  Gotcha.

So she says, well I guess we can get some measurements.  Yay.  Finally some good news.  So she turns the screen towards her.  I cock my body in a desperate attempt to see the screen but to no avail.  I ask her if I can look at the screen to and she tells me that she'll show me at the end. Fine...bitch.  So I lay there.  And then she starts in on "So why are you even an MFM patient anyways." (Her words).  Well dumb bitch with a high school education...it's because I am pregnant with twins and I had started off this lovely journey with a subchorionic hematoma that led to a threatened miscarriage.  I didn't quite say that, rather I replied with "Well I think because I am carrying twins."  Her response "Well twins doesn't make you high risk." My response "Well obviously my doctors feel this is a high risk pregnancy for me." Silent thought "Now shut the fuck up and do the scan."

So she does the scan.  Doesn't say a word about how either of the babies is measuring.  Doesn't tell me what she's looking at.  Nothing.  At the end she says "Ok all done." I looked at her blankly and said "Can I at least have some pictures."

She hands me three u/s pictures that barely look like babies.  Really!!!!  I know you budgeted 75 minutes for that u/s so there was really no reason why she couldn't take an extra 5 minutes and take at least 2 decent pictures of my babies to tie me over to the next u/s.

So annoyed right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, the way my insurance is, I can't switch practices without paying through my nose.  Oh how I love working for a teaching medical university!

So here are some pics of my blobs courtesy of a white trash bitch with no bedside manner.

Baby A-I call this one "Look ma, no arms and no legs"


  1. Ok I sent you an email before reading this. The pics are still cute.

  2. Ugh, how annoying. I truly believe that it takes more energy to be heinous that it does to be pleasant!

  3. omg your captions are hilarious!!! lol as for the dumb bitch, sorry about that. I had one too. She would not let me see the screen at all even after I asked and told her I was nervous because I wasnt there for a routine scan. I asked for pictures and she refused to give me any. Stupid skank.

  4. OMG WHAT A BITCH! I want to slap her!!! What is the deal with rude ass medical professionals?? I would want to have smarted off to her after it was over... tell her off. But I understand she holds the power with that damn ultrasound wand. But, YAY for the cute looking babies =)

  5. Ack. So not a great appointment overall. Stupid tech.

    Did you at least get to schedule another u/s for 20 weeks? You know, to do the 'for real' anatomy scan...

  6. You need to complain about that u/s tech! What an awful experience! The pictures are great, though. Sorry you have to wait for your scan!

  7. Wow! I can't believe how rude she was. I absolutely love your captions on your u/s photos! I hope your next scan goes better. :)

  8. She sounds awful! I know the pix aren't fabulous, but they're super cute!

  9. I hear about these u/s techs being totally bitchy WAY too often. I really hope that one doesn't decide to cross me on one of my hormonal days!
    I hope that you were able to schedule the "real" anatomy scan!!

  10. Holy shit! Isn't that one of those moments in life that you want to rewind and tell her exactly what you were thinking?! What a bitch. But your babies are still perfect and beautiful!

  11. OK, brightside first: You got to see the babies!!! And the pictures are not bad at all..I know you wanted more, but really the babies look precious in there.

    Not so bright side: UGH! That sucks! I remember thinking that 16 weeks seemed awfully early for the anatomy scan, but I figured maybe that's how they did it with twins. I'm so sorry that you didn't receive the services you were told, what a bummer! Are you planning to find out what they are? Cause then that double sucks, having to wait almost a month! So sorry...But it was still good that you got to see the babies and know they are healthy in there.

  12. What a bitch! I hate medical staff that acts like they don't have the time of day for you!!

    Sorry that you're not happy with the pictures, but I think the first one is REALLY good. I never got a profile anywhere a close to as nice as that one. And my next u/s isn't til 34 weeks so by then she'll probably be too big to get a good shot. Just saying...

    Hope your real anatomy scan is a better experience.

  13. PLEASE report her!! She has NO business dealing with pregnant patients if that is how she acts. COMPLETELY unprofessional and uncalled for!

  14. I just found your blog and didn't want to be one of those lurkers. You're cool. I'll be back. No wait, I can't end it like that... too Arnold. How about...
    I can't wait to spend an entire day not working and reading your blog from the very beginning and getting inspired that your preggers!
    BTW, just starting my FET cycle.