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Friday, April 16, 2010

End of an Era

So last night marked the end of an era.  A wild, rebellious, fun era in my life.  Yes, last night I had to say goodbye to my beloved nipple rings.

Yes, I know....I don't look like "that kind of girl." But alas I am...or was.  I LOVE tattoos and body piercings.  I love the rush of adrenaline from getting a new piercing or feeling of fresh ink.  Sadistic?  Maybe.  Cathartic.  Absolutely.

Not let's back track...I got these fun adornments while I was still in college.  This was not a quarter-life crisis decision.  But for the past two weeks I've noticed that both piercings have become increasingly nasty...almost as if they were getting infected.  I chalked it up to by giagantor tits growing and the tissue stretching.  Low and behold, I realized last night that I am already "leaking."  In a panic (because I didn't think this should be happening so early) I went to my hand dandy friend google.  Apparently this is totally normal...and the buildup on the piercings is actually dried breast milk and protein.

My hubby helped me remove them in kind of a ceremonial "Your quickly becoming a mom" procession.  So they are out...for better or worse.  At least now they will have some time to heal up before I have two milk monsters gnawing on my tits.


  1. I had to remove my belly ring that I'd had for 11 years. It was actually a big deal to me! Plus, I usually have the hugest innie ever, so it needed the ring to look socially acceptable. But mine is quickly trying to pop out, so the ring had to go!

  2. So, the answer to the "got milk" question for you is: yes!

  3. Just curious, do you think the scar tissue will affect breast feeding? Always wondered that..

  4. No....it shouldn't affect it all. For several reasons...the first being I doubt the hole is going to close or even form scar tissue...I've had these things for 8 years or so. Also, the breast is kind of like a sponge. There isn't one milk duct. It kind of seeps out of many holes like if you squeeze a sponge. I spoke with a lactation consultant and did lots of research on it before I got it. And considering I am already producing and leaking milk...I'd say that is a good sign that this won't be a problem.

  5. I had my nipples pierced for 5 years before I took them out and got pregnant. My only piece of advice is that YOU HAVE TO meet with a lactation consultant BEFORE you leave the hospital with your kiddos. You'll be so glad you did. Congrats on the babies!