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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First fetal movement 15w6d

Short blog...but big news.  Today I felt the first real kick. I had been feeling "bubbles" for a few days now...maybe even a few weeks.  But today, one of the babies definitely rolled over or kicked.  It was a noticeable tapping feeling.  It was so cool!  I absolutely can't wait until it gets more consistent!!!!

In other news...we finally did our registry.  We went with BRU and Target...Although the sheer lack of items on our target registry is making me consider closing it and going with Amazon.  We shall see!

Everything still feels so surreal!


  1. Yay! I also love the cartoon - tho' have to admit that the kicks near or towards the cervix are not so much fun. :)

    I vote for all three places. Have you noticed that the Target website and stores have virtually none of the same items? This confuses me, as online should equal store plus more, no?

  2. I have noticed that. It really sucks and makes doing a registry with them kind of difficult!! I completely agree about the online should have more!!

  3. Emily- Whohoo! I'm enjoying watching your journey, as I was just a day behind you, its somewhat bittersweet, but still very exciting! I'm hoping you will continue to post pictures of the nursery progress and belly shots! :)

  4. Wow! That's awesome about the kick - congrats!

  5. Yay! I absolutely cannot wait to feel something!!!

  6. Yay!! Baby kicks!!!

    I hear ya about the registry stuff. I am in the same boat...ugh!

  7. Woo hoo!! Dance, babies, dance!!
    I've decided that it feels like popcorn popping in my tummy. Some pops are big, others are small, sometimes it's like the end of the popping where there's just one every once in a while, while sometimes it's a madhouse of pop-pop-popping!! Enjoy it!!!

    I'm registering at BRU and Pottery Barn (for nursery stuff). It's overwhelming. Target has a terrible return policy (which I find suprprising but true) so I'm staying away from them.

    Happy kicking!

  8. Okay, I really need to register soon considering I'm 22 weeks... my friends are starting to pressure me, I'm just so baffled by it all! Yay for movement! It's been my very favorite part of pregnancy so far.

  9. Woo-hoo on baby kicks, sounds absolutely amazing! Glad you & the babes are doing well:)

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  11. *That's what I get for not proof reading!*
    Maybe skip Target and chose Amazon. Especially since you can find Target items THROUGH Amazon. I've been registered for a year. Now only if I can get pregnant! ;-) I'm a researcher and made a registry the day DH and I decided to TTC. I'm all about the research. Black Friday is one of my favorite holidays. I start preparing a month in advance as ads start getting leaked onto the internet.
    Plus I love bargains. September and April seem to be the best time to buy clothes from previous season on sale (at least in Northeast). Kmart has stuff for $1.99. I once got a pack of 5 onesies for that price.