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Monday, February 8, 2010

Hello Morning Sickness..and a quick bitching rant


She has finally showed her face.  I was worried as to why I didn't really have any, but it started last night and has continued into today with a vengeance.  So far I've managed to not vomit but I am getting dangerously close to tossing my cookies.

I've heard that 6 weeks is the "magical week" in pregnancy when it hits. So I shouldn't be surprised that at one day shy of 6 weeks I feel like a gigantic pile of shit (which don't get me wrong...I am grateful for).

Me and vegetables are not friends to say the least.  The only foods I am able to eat at the moment are cereal, starchy foods, and milk (which is funny because I HATE milk).


On a bitching note....way back when I blogged about the other couple friends we had that are much older than we are that were going through IVF at the same time we were.  Well she got pregnant and I didn't.  She is now 27 weeks and I was finally able to talk to her last night.  I decided not to tell her I was pregnant because she has the biggest mouth of anyone I know.

So we are talking...ok, I retract that...she was talking...all about her pregnancy....and she is carrying on and on about how "You have no idea how worried you are going to be when you finally get pregnant" "you think you are nervous now....just wait." I was kind of appalled for several reasons. The first was that she believes I am still not pregnant and she had the audacity to talk non-stop about being pregnant and decorating her nursery and how awesome it is to hear the baby's heart beat on doppler.  Then, she had the nerve to tell me that "I have no idea how much worse it will get [worrying]." I am finding that even though I am pregnant, I am incredibly annoyed by her ability to forget her roots and remember how hard it was for her to be around pregnant people none the less talk about pregnancy.  I was so annoyed that not once during this WHOLE conversation did she shut her flipping mouth to ask me how treatment was going.  I kind of felt like a piece of toilet paper.  I was good enough to support her during her years of treatment and IVF trials and tribulations...but now that she is pregnant I am nothing more than someone she can gloat to about how awesome being pregnant is.

I think the experience helped me put our "friendship" in perspective.  It's just beyond me how someone who has traveled the IF journey can so easily forget their roots and the pain it causes.  I can say firmly that I will NEVER do that to any of my IF friends.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of MS! Another been-there suggested to me to get the low-sodium saltines so you don't have to worry about swelling; they're a little more bland but bland is good, right?

    As for your so-called friend, she seems a little self-centered. Is it wrong to wish she gets a screamer? Okay, how about I wish that for her, since you are too nice a person to do that yourself.

  2. I just cannot believe your friend's behavior. After going through IF, too! You would think she'd know better. That is so irritating.

    I am sorry the MS kicked in. I never threw up, but I definitely felt so queasy that I could eat almost nothing. Fruit was the one thing I could handle with no issues -- fat lot of good that does you with hardly any calories! I was starving! =) But if you're liking starches that's good -- you should still be able to get the calories you need. I hope it starts feeling better soon ... mine started improving around 8.5 weeks and now I am not queasy although still a picky eater than before.

    Hang in there!

  3. I never puked, but would go through stages of major queasiness which just magically disappeared last week. I hope you don't ever puke, but to be honest, sometimes I felt like getting it out would help (kinda like when you're so drunk and the best sounding thing is getting that crap out of you?). Anyway, relish every moment of feeling like crap!!! It's comforting, isn't it?
    That "friend" of yours is toxic - stay away!!! I would expect even a non-IF friend to have more sense than that. When our IVF girls travel to other side it is so discouraging...ick.

  4. Ugh, sorry about the MS. Can't give you any advice there since I've never experienced it. Love the photo of the puking pumpkin though. LOL. Your "friend" sounds like she needs a good beating! LOL.

  5. The verification word for my comment was "effer". A nickname for your "friend"? LOL.

  6. I found that it ended up being easier to just be sick and get it over with rather than trying to hold it in (my rookie mistake)! After I embraced the ms I discovered that it was strangely reassuring that everything was going well.

  7. Sorry that MS has showed, but like you said, its a good sign. Also it's funny you mention it...Milk was never something I ever drank before...now I drink a ton of it. It goes down easy, doesn't it? :)

    Sorry about you friend...I have one who is now having twins and she acts like she was never infertile...its maddening!!! Like you, I'll never forget!!!

    Hope the MS doesnt stick around for too long!

  8. Man - MS sucks! I had it for nearly 7 months of pregnancy. Everything made me sick - lotions, chicken, veggies, everything...except chocolate and milkshakes. Still my favorite things to eat/drink when I'm sick, unhappy, depressed or otherwise! Good luck and take care. We're going through IVF now!

  9. Sorry to hear MS has reared her ugly head, but at least it's a good sign things are going as they should & like you said totally worth it.
    Wow the conversation with your "friend" sounded painful. I do believe that sometimes friends drift apart & it sounds like she is not a very positive friend for you to have. I can't believe she kept going on about herself & didn't ask about you...very self-centered! Hope the MS isn't too awful tomorrow...thinking of ya:)

  10. Yaaay for MS.. I am still waiting for it and I know how much you were looking forward to it!! I am sorry to hear you are feeling like crap and cannot eatsweetie.. vent away!!

    Your friend sounds like not too much of a friend to me. I can understand people who have not gone through this before or had the luck and blessing to just get pregnant naturally, but women who have gone through it, should really know better!!! Well at least like you said you know where you stand with your friendship...! Sorry it hurt.

  11. Go buy a pack of 10 cheap tooth brushes. It will come in handy later, I promise. You can just toss them when brushing your teeth makes you yack and use a new one.

    Also start cleaning your toilet before you go to bed. It is much much better to throw up in the morning in a clean toilet than a dirty one.