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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big things on Friday!

So this Friday is a day of big things.

1) Our final u/s with the RE.  If everything looks good we will graduate!  I can't believe it!

2) We close on our new house!!!!

I have been finding it really hard to help with any of the packing. I get tired so easily.  If I bend my head down to pack boxes I get dizzy.  I can't seem to win.  I feel awful because poor DH has done more than the majority of the packing while I just sit there and watch...or sleep.

We have 2 friends that are going to help us move (thank god).  Not sure how we are going to get all of our stuff moved over one weekend without me being able to lift anything, but I am sure we will make it work.  It's weird, I am overjoyed to be pregnant, but I feel completely worthless right now.  I can't lift anything...I can't cook dinner for my husband (because the smells make me sick), I can't stay awake to watch TV with DH (TV is like Ambien to me...turn it on and I'll be snoozing in minutes).

In positive news (Knock on wood) the bleeding has stopped.  I am not even having any brown bleeding.  I emailed my nurse yesterday to let her know about the blood clot that had passed and she sent me a very reassuring response:
"Hi Emily,
I’m glad the bleeding has stopped for the most part.  Clots are an accumulation of a slow trickle of blood and discharge that aren’t necessarily alarming to us.  (for you they are terrifying, definitely!) but without current active bleeding they represent old blood working it’s way out.  I wish I could reassure you that you would know if you were miscarrying, but that’s not always so.  Sometimes the heart can just stop beating and we don’t know for a few weeks.  This is very rare after seeing good heartbeats like we have seen for you though!  Thanks for the update, I am glad to hear that bleeding is slowing down.
Keep me posted!
Nurse J
PS- at any point if you need an ultrasound earlier than planned, we can do it…no problem."

So I am feeling pretty good going into Friday's U/S that both babies will be doing just fine.  That coupled with the fact that my nausea seems to be increasing makes me feel pretty good.  

The morning sickness has been odd-I get REALLY nauseated, but when I go to throw-up it's just heaves...and lots of spit.  I almost wish I could just puke and feel better!!!

Lastly (and I recognize that this blog is ALL OVER the place!), has anyone purchased a fetal heart doppler? I am thinking about buying one to help ease the stress when we switch from RE land (u/s every week) to OB land (u/s once a month).  Thoughts?


  1. I borrowed my doppler from work (I'm a PA), but I would have paid a ton for it. It is so reassuring for us to be able to listen to the hb before bed (and several other times a day).

    I'm glad the bleeding has stopped for you. I can't imagine how freaked out I would've been. And congrats on closing on the house and graduating from the RE this week!!!

  2. Sounds like everything is right on track. You have my sympathies on the packing and moving - it's not my favorite activity even when I feel great. Right now your most important job is safely growing those two little babies.

    I think Amalah bought a doppler when she was pregnant with Ezra; but I understand they can cause their own stress when you can't find the heartbeat(s) on your own.

    Hopefully your transition to the OB goes better than mine.

  3. It's a bummer that you feel so tired and sick now. But so glad things are going well with you and the twins!

  4. I am almost 13 wks and my dh and I just bought a doppler. We decided these 4 wk waiting times were too much to handle!!!

  5. Right now I can't remember the brand...we just ordered from amazon on Sunday. It should be here tomorrow. I'll let you know if I have any luck! Most of them say you have to be at least 10-12 weeks, so I'm hoping my little guy is big enough to hear!

    I totally know what you mean about smells, nausea, and not being able to make dinner! It got better for me...I hope it gets better for you soon! Good luck on Friday..

  6. Good luck with the move! We moved to our new house 4 days after Paul had knee surgery but luckily had lots of help from friends. He didn't know where things were for the longest time b/c I had unpacked everything! Your morning sickness sounds a lot like what I had-lots of dry heaves and spit. I think it was mostly due to excess saliva gagging me first thing in the morning. I have access to a doppler at work and can never find the heart beat on my own b/c I am never sure of the placement so if you do go ahead and get one just don't freak out if you can't find it easily! Happy last RE appt!

  7. Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll let you know how the doppler works. It should be here beginning of march (which is good because I won't be tempted to use it before the start of my 8th week)!!

  8. Don't feel worthless right now! Enjoy not being able to cook and clean and pack! Your growing 2 babies inside of you and you deserve every nap!I felt similar when I was pregnant with my now 1 year old son but as I became more pregnant I decided that the least hubby could do was clean and cook while I grew the baby :) Enjoy your doppler, but don't freak out if you cant find a the heart beats every time! I borrowed my aunts and it really helped keep me calm during the bleeding, but I would freak out for no reason if I couldnt find it and have an ultrasound at work and see that everything was fine. Don't stress yourself! Enjoy your pregnancy and sleep while you can still get it :)

  9. Just bought one today.


    I couldn't take the anxiety anymore. I'll keep you posted on how it works.

  10. What an awesome nurse!! Are you sad to be leaving their care? It's bittersweet. You finally get to be a normal pregnant girl, but you also have to cut ties with the people who got you here.
    So glad the bleeding has stopped!!!Praying that it doesn't rear it's awful head again.
    I want a doppler, but I'm so afraid that I'll freak out if I can't find a heartbeat...I'm waiting to hear what others think of theirs before I go for it. I've had u/s every 2 weeks so far and I know that's not lasting for too much longer and I'll go nuts. Sorry, I'm not help on that one... =)

  11. Glad to hear the bleeding has subsided & although it's hard morning sickness is definitely a good sign! Can't wait to hear how the u/s is Friday. Best of luck with the move this weekend, will be thinking about you guys & praying it all goes smoothly:)

  12. So happy you are moving too... it'll feel great but you'll find there is a lot of work to be done there as well. My advice is take it easy, don't stress if you can't do much, just do a little everyday... after you have moved you will have all the time in the world to rearrange your new house!! Sorry about the m/s... when I get nausea (yup it started) I try to think of all those years we spent trying to get there and the nausea seems so much more bearable! Hang in there we'll be over this and onto "the nice part of pregnancy" soon!!! :))))

  13. emily good luck on friday!
    dont. lift. anything.

  14. So glad the bleeding has finally stopped! Wow, Friday IS going to be a big day for you! Congrats on closing on your house -- that's so awesome! Now you can start planning a nursery. =)

    As for the doppler, I didn't buy one because I thought I'd get too confused with 4 babies in there. What are your thoughts on this with twins? If you get one, let me know how easy it is to pick up the separate heartbeats and I might get one myself. The doctors haven't used a doppler on me yet, and I just figured it was because there were so many.