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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear bleeding....please stop.

Haven't I been through enough just to get pregnant.  Why must you hang around bleeding and constantly  make me fear losing this pregnancy.  Nice touch on the blood clots last night by the way.  Really sent me over the edge.  I enjoy crying though...so don't worry about it.  You have however worn out your welcome, so please leave.

Emily's Uterus.

So after passing 2 small clots last night and crying my eyes out (again), I called my RE this morning.  The recommended coming in.  They said everything looks fine.  I got to see both babies again.  They have gone from 6.1 mm and 5.5 mm to 8.1mm and 8mm respectively.  So it looks like baby A is catching up!  I got hear both heartbeats (which is still beyond amazing) and they were both at 144 (up from 119 and 122).

The doctor decided that we should go ahead and check my estrogen and progesterone levels to see if we can find a cause for the bleeding.  I should hear back from them tomorrow with those results.

They are calling it a "threatened abortion" but the doctor said it sounds worse than it is.  He says that is what they call anyone that has bleeding in early pregnancy.  He assured me that many of his IVF patients have bleeding and feels that IVF increases the odds that you will bleed.  Very reassuring, but I'd feel better if the bleeding would stop.

Our next u/s is next Friday the 26th... coincidently that is the same day we close on the new house.  Big day!  If all goes well we will be released to an OB on that date.  Crossing my fingers!


  1. Crossing my fingers that all stays healthy and well. Congrats on the house!! Woo Hoo!!

    GO AWAY BLEEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ugh, that's so heart wrenching!! Even though your rational mind hears the doctor saying it's normal and everything will be OK, it's hard to not be consumed with the worst. It's so reassuring to see the little guy doing their thing in there, though, isn't it?? They are growing big and strong and they ARE NOT LEAVING you anytime soon =)

  3. Thanks so much Pricilla and Tracey. I appreciate the support. I just want the bleeding to stop so I can be like a normal pregnant person.

    The doc said it is a little more common with twins...so maybe that is the reason.

  4. I am so glad to hear that they are OK and I am glad that your RE had you come in right away.

    Hopefully the bleeding goes away soon so you can relax and ENJOY!!!

  5. Ohh thank goodness! You'll be in my thoughts!

  6. Are you still taking some meds???? That could be a BIG part of the issue.....

  7. I had spotting and clots and it scared the crap out of me! They sent me to the perinatal unit and the tech did see where the bleeding was coming from and that it was healing. They also switched me from progesterone suppositories to PIO injections. I was also diagnosed with "threatened abortion" and I think that they should come up with a better term for it!

    I hope that all of your bleeding stops soon!!!!

  8. oh, I'll be praying for you and your two little ones!

  9. OMG Emily, I'm so sorry for this scare. I pray that your bleeding stops and you can enjoy your babies. Did they look for a subchorionic bleed? Was there evidence of bleeding in the uterus around the babies? I'm thinking of you and it sounds like despite the bleeding your babies are very strong and growing perfectly! Glad to hear your RE is checking your levels to know he has his bases covered! Also, thanks so much for the link to that article. I love it! I have a new post now with it. Hugs!

  10. Ugh, I'm so sorry. That sounds horribly stressful. I have definitely heard that bleeding was more common with IVF and with twins.

    Take it easy.

  11. Oh you poor thing....that is horribly scary, I would be terrified too! I'm so relieved to hear that everything looks great & your RE's office sounds wonderful! Hope that is the end of this bleeding for you & can't wait to hear how the u/s next week goes too:)

  12. Oh no. I am praying the bleeding stops soon.

  13. Oh what a scare! I'm so glad both babies are doing good. Praying that you bleeding stops.

  14. I had the same diagnosis at 7 weeks or so. I think it might be more common in multiples, so the fact that you're carrying twins and experiencing bleeding makes sense (as much as it SUCKS). I am glad all is well and that you got to see your little ones again! =) Praying for your bleeding to stop!