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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Follistim, Follistim, Get your Follistim (no really)

I've got 6 boxes of Follistim left over from my IVF cycle. I also have one brand new unused Follistim Pen. Each cartridge is 300IU.

I bought them for $210 each and am selling them for $150 each. If you don't have insurance and are starting IVF and would like them, shoot me an email!

They have a while before they expire (not sure of the exact date, but if you are interested, I can check).

I will ship them on ice (using the ice packs they were shipped to me in). I'd be happy to do whatever you would like to prove ownership (take a picture, send you a copy of my receipts).



  1. Emily,
    I would definitely be interested, however we won't be cycling until next year. Could you check the expiration date - also if someone else could use it before I will be able to, they get dibs. :-)

  2. I'll check as soon as I get home. I just finished my IVF cycle 2 weeks ago and I ordered the meds manybe a month earlier.

    When are you starting your IVF cycle?