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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Transfer and 1dp6dt

Transfer and  1dp6dt

Sorry I’ve been MIA.  I took my bed rest pretty seriously but I’m glad to be out of bed (sort of).

The transfer went great.  We got there at 10:30, had the procedure at 11:30 right on schedule.  Having the stitch on my cervix really eliminated the need for a dialator or a tenaculum which makes me VERY happy.  As I read about the stitch procedure I learned that using a tenaculum or dialator during transfer can cause uterine contractions which can literally expel the embryo.  Given that coupled with my obscenely high E2 (11,000) during my last transfer and the fact that we only transferred 1 embryo, it’s no wonder I didn’t get prego.

Unfortunately, the embryos, despite being frozen as A’s, were rated B’s after the thaw due to some debris inside the zona.  They also had to thaw 3 to get the 2 we used. However, one of them was already hatching without assisted hatching being performed!!!  She pointed out the scalloped cells that would bury themselves in the uterine lining as well as the inner cells that would become a baby.  It was pretty cool.  The other embryo had assisted hatching performed on it.  DH decided that the hatching on would be called January (because he is confident that January is going to be a good month for us) and #2….well because quite frankly it wasn’t doing anything cool in the photo.

So the procedure went well and I went home to bed rest.  Literally.  I spent from 2pm on Monday until about 4pm on Tuesday in bed.  Didn’t get up but to pee and sit up to eat.  Then from 4-9pm I moved down to the couch…just to mix it up…but then went back to bed.  I am hoping taking bed rest a little more seriously will help this time around.

So far I haven’t felt much.  I have had some cramping off and on, but that is it.  No “twinges” as everyone describes on cycles when they get pregnant.  I am trying not to put much stock in ‘symptoms’ because my cousin who went through IVF said she literally had not one symptom.  I would love to see some implantation bleeding, but I also know a lot of people don’t experience that.

So now the big question is…when will I POAS?  Last time I got AF at 7dp5dt, so I am thinking about waiting until 8dp6dt…in hopes that I’ll just start a period if I am not pregnant and won’t have to go through the sheer agony of yet another negative pee stick.  I simply can’t fathom what two lines looks like so every time I think about testing, all I can picture is getting that one lonely line. 

::Crossing my fingers and praying lots::

In other news, on transfer day we put an offer on a house and our bid was accepted!  Talk about a day of big things!  So now we own two homes (which is terribly frightening).  We close end of February and move in beginning of April.

Let’s hope that January 18th was a day of major changes for our little family all around!

Here are some pics of our little embabies:

#2 (you can see the zona has had assisted hatching on the top)

"January" (You can see it is already hatching!)


  1. So hoping that this is it for you!!!

  2. WOOHOO! Hey, my hatching blast was the one the docs think gave me my identical twins! Also, none of mine were given a grade A and they all stuck around, so try not to worry too much about the downgrade in quality. A smooth transfer is HUGE for success, too. I am so, so excited for you!!!

  3. Sounds like everything went remarkably well!! I'm so happy for you, and wow, you put an offer on a house the same day?! You really know how to liven up the party!! Will be praying you have LOTS of good news on LOTS of things coming up soon!

  4. Stick little embies, stick!

    Now try not to stress about anything. :)

  5. Whoa! What an exciting day! So much going on and they're all good things and you'll have a little peanut of your own to top it all off!! Remember - pay no attention to symptoms. I've had failed cycles, a chemical pregnancy and now a real one and the one thing i know for sure is that there was no sign of anything that meant a thing for any of them. And you'll drive yourself nuts overanalyzing every little thing... Good luck! I know this is it for you guys!!!

  6. Praying that those little guys stick tight in there and give you that 2-line surprise at 8dp5dt!!! I have a good feeling about this one, Emily!! FINGERS CROSSED, GIRL!!!!!!! :)

  7. Thanks so much ladies. I am trying to keep my anxiety to a minimum...but it hasn't been easy!!!