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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An unexpected phone call and update.

Ok…..here goes…..

So at my appointment yesterday I talked to my nurse about comining the two protocols (Natural with FSH and the standard Long protocol)…..since my lining was at 7.4 (which is thicker than it got last time) and since I had no follies. She said all of the doctors in the group were meeting to discuss their IVF patients now and my chart was going to be under discussion.

So…the doctors came to a consensus that having a lead follie doesn’t matter and the only thing that really matters is the lining (which at 7.4 and trilayer is ‘perfect’ to them). So …..they want me to continue the FSH last night and tonight and come in Wednesday to check my progesterone. If my levels look good on Wednesday they want me to stop the FSH and start vaginal estrace 1x per day and begin PIO injections at 2cc QD. She said they think that we could transition from one protocol to the other without issues. We would just treat this as if it were a “total replacement” cycle in which we take all of the synthetic hormones (like the long lupron FET protocol).

I was COMPLETELY not expecting her to say this on the phone when she finally called. So…as it stands right now, we are going to proceed with the transfer this coming Monday. I am nervous that this is going to be a diasaster and a waste of 2-3 embies but excited that they are willing to try something totally different.

My E2 went up yesterday to 350 (from 219 on Friday).



  1. Wow. What a roller coaster of a week this has been for you!

    Will keep my fingers crossed that your levels look good enough on Wednesday to keep moving forward.

  2. I guess if they are recommending you continue with the cycle, I'd probably go for it! It's better than not getting a chance?

  3. Mrs. Higrens- yes it has been!

    A-that is true!

  4. I get your fear and surprise about their decision to move you forward!! I think its great that they are willing to go ahead with the transfer!!! I will pray that this is FINALLY it for you!!!!!!!! Come on BFP!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks Priscilla! Hopefully I can "cross-over" and join you soon!

  6. Woo hoo!! This is great news!!! No wasted embies - if you're lining isn't where it needs to be I'm sure they won't proceed, right? It sounds like it's doing a great job of thickening up though and with the additional hormones, you'll be good to go!! Yay!!! Come on lining - do your thing!!! Get nice and fat for mama!

  7. How exciting!! I think if your lining is thick enough and they keep the timing of your cycle right then it sounds like a good plan. It's nice to hear that a whole group of REs discussed your case and came to a decision together. So freaking exciting that you may transfer Monday!!!