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Sunday, January 24, 2010


No symptoms at all.  Boobs are hurting about as much as they usually do while on progesterone.  I have had a couple of cramps that feel like AF cramps, but they are brief then dissipate. I feel like an emotional mess (which is typical just before starting AF).  I have resigned myself to not testing again until at least Tuesday if not Wednesday...or I might just wait for my beta because I am 99% certain I am not pregnant.

I keep trying to convince myself that the veins in my breasts are darker, but I think that my mind is just playing tricks. 

DH and I started looking at a few adoption websites last night.  My wonderful husband has given me the go ahead to work on our nursery when we move into the new home in preparation for our home study.  In the wake of the Haiti disaster I can't help but wonder if our path is to adopt a child from Haiti (once they open those adoptions back up of course).  Only time will tell.  But I think I can say with a fair bit of certainty that my heart is beginning to close to the idea of trying another transfer again. 

At least I'll have some closure in 3 more days.


  1. Hope, hope, hope!

    P.S. - Like I said yesterday, I've been wondering the same thing as you. Ever since I watched the Haiti adoption story on GMA last week, I've been back and forth with the idea. I'm not giving up on myself yet, and you shouldn't either. But, it is starting to become a little more comforting knowing that I'll be a mother somehow ... someday.

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing this morning!! I was thinking that maybe we should adopt a Haitian orphan...it just seems right.

    If I were you, I'd hold off and just wait until beta. Why put yourself through it all? You're going to go in for the beta no matter what and you'll hang on to some hope no matter what, so just enjoy the wonderful possibility that you could be PG and wait for them to tell you otherwise.

  3. Being the testing chicken that I am, I'd probably wait till the beta. But I understand wanting to mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of the negative outcome. In the interest of being encouraging though- don't count yourself out yet! I think it is great that you're keeping an open heart towards adoption- I'll be praying that God would clearly lead you there if that is what He has in store for your family!

  4. Please wait until the beta. HPT are the devil.

  5. You are a few days ahead of me in this process. I second waiting until the beta. HPTs are the devil wearing prada.
    Your FET process was interesting. I've never seen one like that before. Sounds like things fell into place perfectly, so I've got my fingers crossed that you won't have to think about another FET until you are ready for #2 or 3...

    Take care!


  6. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! If I were you, I would wait and test on the morning of your beta. I usually do this so that I can at least be prepared when they call me while I am at work in the afternoon.
    Best of luck!!!!

  7. It's never easy. I'll be thinking of you.


  8. I wish you the best of luck on the beta. My two ww is always full of symptoms for pregnancy.

  9. I felt like I was getting AF through my whole 2WW, didn't have veiny boobs (that didn't happen until about 6 weeks) despite me examining them every 5 mins - I am crossing my fingers for you and hope this will all turn out well.

    Good luck!! ICLW

  10. Ugh, that is so frustrating! I'm so sorry. You have a lot of will power to wait till Tuesday or Wednesday! I'll be thinking of you and hoping that second line appears darkly!!

  11. I always end up caving and taking a HPT, but I honestly would try to wait if you can muster up the strength/will power. It's like total torture.

    You're so close ... I am thinking of you!!