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Friday, January 15, 2010

Gonna spew....

Ok, I know I shouldn’t get worked up, but I am seriously SO nervous about having the stitches put in my cervix today that I could throw up.  I won’t be getting any pain meds or anything to relax so I will be feeling everything!!!!

I have been feeling sick about it since last night. I really hope I am working myself up for nothing!  Someone that has had it done please tell me it is no big deal and that I am just being silly!!!

Also, I noticed that I have been having some really strong uterine cramps.  I don’t remember getting cramps when starting PIO with my fresh cycle.  Is this normal????


  1. Is the stitch the same as a cerclage? I thought women get a cerclage for an incompetent cervix and usually get an epidural for that. How come you need a stitch?

    I will say some prayers for you that it isn't too bad. As for the PIO and cramps -- I definitely had cramps so I would think it can be normal!

    Good luck!!!

  2. No....they aren't putting a stich over my cervix...they are putting it next to. They are going to leave the stitch string hanging. It will act as a "handle" if you will to tug on to get the catheter in my cervix on the day of transfer since last time they had a REALLY hard time. They say this is better than forcing the cervix open with a tenaculum...less invasive.

    Thanks for the info about PIO! I am happy to know that is normal!

  3. I thought progesterone was going to literally kill me with cramps, so don't worry about that!

    Good luck with the stitch, I bet it's fine or they would surely give you something for pain!

  4. I hope today wasn't too bad. I agree - they wouldn't subject you to that if it was terribly painful. I would think there's some kind of topical numbing creme that they could use, though...
    PIO (and any progetserone supplement) causes crazy cramps. It nicely makes you feel like you're about to start a nice healthy period which is not helpful to those of us hoping to not see another period again for a while. No biggie...

  5. Maybe you could beg for some valium...if nothing else just to calm yourself down. My RE prescribes it for the transfer, so it should be okay.

  6. Sorry that you're feeling so anxious! Best of luck!!!