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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another 2ww...it's just not fair

How many times must us IF girls face the 2ww.  I have finally gotten the glorious BFP...and now I have to go 2 whole weeks until I can see the bambino.  I have to wait 2 weeks to see if my baby has a heartbeat.  I have to wait 2 weeks to find out how many are in there.  I have to wait 2 weeks to know that I am really and truly pregnant and the embryo is where it is supposed to be and growing like it is supposed to.

It seems so unfair.  I've already put in my 2ww.

In the mean time I have been freaking myself out.  This morning I woke up with no symptoms of pregnancy at all.  No m/s (it's totally gone). my boobs barely hurt, and I haven't felt any RLP.  I need these if I am going to survive the next two weeks.  I don't even get any more betas over the next two weeks.

Seriously....how do you IF ladies do it!!!!  I am a nervous wreck!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I know it's next to impossible, but try to fill your schedule & distract yourself with other things...hopefully it will make the next 2ww go by a bit quicker. You are so incredibly strong, think of all you've gone through to get to this point...you will make it!!! Focus on positive thoughts to get you & baby through this waiting time...praying for you to feel peace during this difficult time:)

  2. I know!!!!! I swear this wait is almost worse than the other one!!! It's so hard...Just remember that you are PREGNANT!!! And that means that you will feel all sorts of weird things only to be followed by feeling NOTHING. And it's all normal.
    I'm telling we'll all end up in a psych ward somewhere soon...

  3. If it helps, my boobs barely hurt (and they still don't), but it was right smack dab on 6 weeks that I first got hit by consistent m/s / nausea.

    So for the time between the last beta and the u/s I was feeling myself up on a regular basis to make sure that little bit of hurt was still there.

    Time will drag like never before, but eventually the 15th will get here. I promise.

  4. two weeks won't be the end of the waiting either. after that you'll wait and hope and pray for the next thing.
    just try and try to hold onto how lucky and blessed you are in the moment. any day you are pregnant is a good day!
    RPL will come and go.
    also, its kind of nice to have something to look forward to if you think about it that way.


  5. Thank you for your comments! I guess I'm joining your journey a bit late in the game, but congrats! The wait to the first ultrasound is definitely excruciating. I had to wait until I was 7 weeks! All you can do is take care of yourself and your little bean. :)

  6. Emily, your post was so perfect I snagged it and put it on mine (with due credit of course!) We are only a day apart, and I don't know if this 2ww is easier or harder then the one we just endured...

  7. I feel with you, it was a horrible 2 week wait, nothing seemed to help. No symptoms didn´t help either. When I stopped the progesterone suppositories after the BFP, all the little symptoms I had went away.
    I have no good advice on how to ease the wait, it is just a horrible wait.

    The only symptoms I had, was some kind of diffuse cramps, like AF would be coming next day.

  8. The wait to ultrasound was the LONGEST wait of my life. It was a 3 week wait from the time I had a positive HPT. I thought I was going to go out of my freaking mind. Best advice I have for you is to plan LOTS of activities with friends over the next couple of weeks to try and keep your mind off the waiting game. Good luck. I am so excited for you!

  9. No sh*t!! The waiting game sucks!! Period!!

    The last time I saw my RE was Jan 13th (10 wks) and my first OB appt is not until Feb 10th (14 wks)...that's 4 weeks!!! ahh!!

    Try not to go crazy with worry cause there is nothing you can do but wait.

    We're here with you!! :)

  10. I hope this wait is easier for you, knowing that you had great betas :) I'm sure it is hard to wonder if everything will be looking perfect though :) Keep us posted!

  11. I actually gave myself a prayer for every day leading up to my first u/s and it made the time go by quicker... Just a thought!