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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy fetus-verary?

So tommorrow marks the big cross-over from the embryonic phase to officially becoming a fetus!  Well fetuses. Actaully, based on u/s...that happened last week. 

We had our first appointment with the OB/MFM this week.  It still feels fradulent to be sitting amongst "regular" pregnant women.  I felt out of place....like I just didn't belong there.

Feelings aside, we got to see our two beans again.  I must admit, I was a little nervous that one of them wasn't going to have a heartbeat or worse, neither of them would have a heart beat.  I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I suppose that is the curse of IF.

The nurse did the measurements and both babies were measuring ahead of schedule which if fantastic.  There was some discussion about my due date being a little bit off based on the date of our embryo transfer....but the doctor said "It doesn't matter because you won't make it that far anyways." So we will be leaving it at October 7th.  So according to the fertility clinic I was 9 weeks 5 days and according to the OB (and the measurements of the babies) I was 10 weeks 1 day.

Both little hearts were fluttering away.  174 and 176 respectively.

And now for  a shout out to my fertility clinic that missed the fact that I had a SUBCHORIONIC HEMATOMA!!!!  Thats right...after all of those tears and stress of thinking I was having a MC, there was a source of the bleeding after all.  The doctor said it is now measuring 1mm and that it is nothing to worry about.  Whew.  Would have been nice to know when I was bleeding for 3 straight weeks!

I asked my long list of questions.....one of which DH was especially pleased with: "When can we stop pelvic rest?"  The doctor (who was about 65 years old mind you) looked at his watch and said, well at least wait till you get to the car.  I had to hold back the gigantic laugh I wanted to let out!  Then DH and the doctor high-fived.  I know, I know...sounds like the scene from a sitcom...true story though.

I also asked about having a cercalage-doc said won't be necessary because I will be monitored so closely since we are having twins.  I also asked about c-section vs. natural birth-doc said they will respect whatever we would like to do, however there is a tendency with twins for baby B to flip breech after baby A is delivered.  (We are leaning towards a planned c-section at this....yeah I know I am a horrible person....deal with it!). 

We had an uneventful meeting with a nurse who told us everything we already knew about pregnancy (what not to eat, what not to do, what medicines not to take).  I kind of wanted to shake her and say "These babies cost us 30K to conceive...don't you think we've done our research...afterall I'm not 18, clueless as to who the baby dady is, and living on welfare."

That about sums it up.  We will be going back next Friday for our NT scan.  We are opting to not do the tri-screen because it doesn't give us any information specific to one baby...and truth be told...the results of the tests will not alter our decision to continue this pregnancy.

Here are the most recent pics of our little bambinos:

Baby B was moving all over the place during the u/s kicking its little legs and doing the fist pump!


  1. Ahhhh! Yay for 10 weeks :) I was laughing so hard at your hubby and the doc high-fiving. That's hilarious :) So glad things are going great for you.

  2. OMG!!! I love the ultrasound pictures! Those are some pretty sweet fetuses you've got there. (Almost as cute as mine...) :)

  3. Your hubby sounds like a character!!! Too funny! Yay for 10 weeks! Keep up the good work babies!

  4. I am laughing so hard at the "high five" that is hillarious! so glad to hear everything is going good!

  5. Congrats Emily! They look awesome!

  6. Congrats! So happy for you guys! Your Doc and DH are too funny. Looking forward to more u/s pictures.

  7. 10 weeks and look how big your babies are!!! I am so happy this OB/MFM sounds like a great doctor and he has things under control for you!! HEHE about you asking about "pelvic rest" love the answer you got.. "wait until you get to the car"!!LOL My doc is also older and always comes up with funny jokes like that.. I think they must have seen it all by now!!

  8. Such great pics of the babies!!! It's hard to believe it's real, right?
    No one should judge you for having a planned c-section! I don't think I know anyone who had twins naturally. (We're thinking about asking for one because it'll give me 2 more weeks on leave from work - hate on that bitches!)

  9. Wow - that is all wonderful news! So glad everything is going well and right on track!

  10. Your little babies actually look like babies now....isn't it awesome!!! SO GLAD all is well!! :)

  11. So glad that things are progressing well, though its somewhat hard to read because I would only be a day behind you... nonetheless, I'm happy!!! :)

  12. So exciting they look so sweet. I love your RE too they are a fantastic clinic. haha

    I hope your headaces get better and being off pelvic rest should help relieve them. Grrr naughty girl

  13. I can't believe your RE issed the hematoma?! WTF? Glad babies are doing well :)