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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I don't have any other words.  Just what the fuck.

Why would someone use this product.

PS-the back of this product actually says "Made from real placenta."

PSS-I found this at CVS!


  1. I saw this the other day at the pharmacy also and said the same thing! I didn't read the back to see that it has REAL placenta in it, however. Real placenta from WHAT?!

  2. Animals....but gross none the less! I don't want products of conception on my head!

  3. Yeah, you should try a search on "placentophagy". YIKES! There are worse things than just washing your hair with placenta!

  4. On the hair is better than in the mouth (which is what my first thought was... Freeze dried placenta, yum?), but still, hmmmm.

  5. I thought you ate it, so I'm actually relieved to know that you use it on your hair... Ummm, that's just creepy.

  6. Um. EW!!! What's next breastmilk shampoo and conditioner? :) Just threw up in my mouth a lil.

  7. Yeah that is a wee bit gross! We own a health food store and a lady requested a product. Upon arrival I was looking at the ingrediants it said...wait for it...

    Whale Testicle!!

    It makes you wonder why and how this shit gets into things!!!!

  8. OMG disgusting!! Have you seen the disgusting stuff on stfuparents sometimes (placenta smoothie?? dried placenta teddy bear??). So messed up!!

  9. it's huge among chinese medicine.. my acupuncturist had a baby in Jan. and was planning on freezedrying hers, and making it into pills to take.. says it helps with post-partum.