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Monday, March 22, 2010

Less than 200 days!

I am not quite sure why that seems like a milestone...but it does.  Never mind that fact that I probably had less than 200 days 3 weeks ago since I won't make it to 40 weeks anyways.  If the ticker says it's so...then it must be a milestone!

Quick updates:
-NT scan went well...still no word on the exact statistics but I am not worried about it.
-I went to Target and bought a baby shower gift yesterday...and actually enjoyed it. I wasn't that bitter, angry infertile that wanted to stab everyone else in this section.  It was kind of a nice feeling.
-I am "out of the closet."  I made my big facebook announcement last Friday after our NT scan.  I announced it at work this morning.  So now the news is spreading like wildfire.  Kind of nice that people are no longer wondering why I look like I am growing a large beer gut!
-I am working on my first 2 tiered fondant cake for said baby shower.  Pics to come (provided it doesn't fall apart!)
-Hopefully this weekend we will get the electric dog fence put in at our new house so I can stop using strings of profanities every time one of the dogs runs away.
-I didn't realize it previously...but my uterus is HIGH. Like rapidly reaching my belly button high.  I was rather shocked when the u/s tech was at my bellybutton during the NT scan.  Then I felt it while laying down.  Low and behold, I can feel it way up there!!
-We went to a baby fair this weekend (that sucked donkey balls) and registered to win some gifts.  We won!!!  The biggest gift basket they had!  Can't wait to pick it up.

Ok that is about all that is going on my scrambled mind!


  1. Dang, I never win anything at those! What did ya get? Diapers for a year?? A year worth of free housekeeping?? Sounds like everything is going great otherwise. Have a great week!

  2. Wow - everything is coming up Emily! Awesome!

    I was exciting about getting under 200 days too. And now I can't believe how crazy fast that thing is ticking down - it's scary. These babies are going to be here before we know it!!

  3. It is a nice feeling to once again walk through a baby section and not want to stab everyone else, isn't it?

    Congrat's on winning the gift basket!

  4. I used to literally cover my eyes in Target when passing the baby section!

    I was (still am) really surprised about how high my uterus was/is. It still shocks me when I get kicks up near my ribs.

    Yay, gift baskets!

  5. I used to peek at the baby section like it was a really bad car wreck. Now I'm boldly strutting myself into it like I belong there. Even though I still don't really feel like I do... Our babies will be here so soon!!!

  6. Congratulations on reaching another awesome milestone & for being out of the closet:)

  7. Do you know I think everyday of a pregnancy is a milestone!

  8. how exciting! enjoy every minute :o)can't wait to see the cake...do you look at cakewrecks.com? it is so funny!

  9. What amazing steps! I'm excited for the pictures of the cake, and the basket!

  10. Congatulations for 200 days to go!! I am so happy to hear all is proceeding so well for you and the babes!! Well done for telling people at work. Your cakes look so amazing.. I saw a few pics on FB and even though I am not into sweets since I got pregnant..they make me have a massive craving for cake!! I wished I lived near you!! LOL!! Congrats on winning that big gift basket!! Got to post pics when you get it!!