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Monday, November 2, 2009

You want to put what where?

So....I had a hydrosonogram today.  I understood the jist of the procedure...spread em, put a catheter in, shoot some water in there, take a picture.  But, when I arrived for my appointment today, the room was adorned with chuck pads...as if I had just shown up to the set of a bad porno in which girls shoot all kinds of weird liquids from their lady business (sorry for the graphic...but that's what it felt like).

Seriously!  Was all of this necessary?

So the nurse opened the door to the room and all I could think to say is "Well this looks painful."  Then she said "well I just don't want to clean the floors." and walks out.  Then I was left to sit in the room alone to visualize women with their feet in stirrups shooting saline from their vagina's like a jet boat.

Fortunately, it wasn't like that at all (thank God, because I had devleoped this fear of shooting water all over my doctor based on how the room looked!)  It was about as painful as I imagined....REALLY crampy. They had the same problems they did at our last embryo transfer with my cervix...not opening at all.  So they used some "numbing" cream which felt like scalding water on my insides and then a cervical tenaculum (and yes, it is as scary as it sounds) to spread open the cervix to slide the catheter and balloon in.

After all the ohhing and ahing while she tried to get the cather in, it was finally in place.  They filled the balloon with air then pumped saline inside my uterus.  It was kind of neat to watch it expand...and painful at the same time.

The verdict-the uterus looks good.  No polyps or adhesions that we need to worry about as we prepare for this FET cycle.  Yay.  They also did a quick check for cysts...and all clear!  Amen!

Tomorrow begins the Lupron shots again!

Dear baby jesus...please please please let this be it for DH and I!!!!!!!


  1. I know you have no clue who I am (got your blog off of another stanger's blog...) but it is so nice to read about someone who's going through this and has REAL feelings about all the crap we endure. Go ahead, girl! Tell it like it is!

  2. Haha....thanks Tracey. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there!

  3. Wow that is A LOT of those pads. I remember when I had my hysteroscopy they literally just put a biohazard bag in a trash can below me and let all the saline spill out. I wondered if that was what it felt like to have your water break. I haven't had the test you had -- I am glad it wasn't too horrible, but it still sounds scary!

    Glad you got the all-clear for your FET, and I am praying that this is all it takes for you to be a mommy!

  4. Hi...I recently started my own IVF blog and I just started following your blog today. This post is so honest and so funny!! I had the same thoughts when I went through that a couple years ago and I'm SO glad that there are women brave enough (like you)to finally put it all out here for everyone to see!! Go girl!1 I look forward to reading as you continue to post!

  5. Thanks so much Priscilla! If you can't be honest with fellow IFers, who can you be honest with! I'll hop over and check out your blog! Thanks for following.

  6. Hey Emily! Lovin' the blog. I've been documenting mine along the way as well. Good to know there is another girl feelin' my pain!!