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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holy Lupron headache and some good news!

Last IVF cycle I didn't get any headaches while taking Lupron. This time around, I have woken up with a headache every single day that I've been taking it.  They get worse as the day goes on and there is nothing I can do to make them go away.  I feel so bad for my poor hubby because the only thing I have energy to do between the headaches and the sheer exhaustion is make dinner, watch 30 minutes of TV, and pass out.  I've been a terribly hormonal wife lately.  I am so lucky to have such a wonderful supportive husband that has put up with me throughout this whole process!

And now for the good news!  AF finally came today!  Thank the AF god: )

PS-that is hopefully the last time you'll hear me say that!


  1. What a cute pic. I just found your blog through another. I am sorry about your BFN IVF cycle. I sure hope that this FET brings you success! I am not that many days behind you. I don't remember having s/e from Lupron during my cycle, but this time I am EXHAUSTED.... I guess it's the Lupron.. maybe it's just work?!?!

  2. I had such horrible headaches from the Lupron that I now cycle without it. Hopefully your BFP in a few weeks will help you forget all about the headaches! Can't wait to read the announcement!

  3. I also can't wait for your BFP announcement! I've been praying for you!

  4. Boo! Headaches suck!! But YAY for AF!! When will your FET be? Good Luck!! I'll be following you...Cheering BFP! BFP! BFP! all the way!!! :)

  5. Rachel-thanks so much for following! I am really hopeful for this cycle. There was just so much playing against me during my first cycle. So I really hope you are right and this cycle is the magical one! That is funny that you mention exhaustion because I am feeling it to. I zonked out in the middle of a concert last night! I'll be following your cycle too! Good luck. Here's to BFPs!

    Eileen-that is interesting that you cycle without it now. My headaches aren't bad enough yet that I would consider that..they are just annoying. Although last nights bordered on a migraine. Trust me, I can't wait to make the announcement. I hope all is going well with your RE and you guys are coming up with a plan.

    A-thanks so much! I truly appreciate the prayers!

    Priscilla-my FET is scheduled for December 4th. Thanks for the positive BFP mantra! I'll be cheering you on as well. When is your ET scheduled for??

  6. Thinking maybe the 21st? (I'll find out tomorrow) So we will be just about 2 weeks apart!! :)

  7. Lupron h/a are awful...I had them every day. :(

  8. When on Lupron, the only thing I could manage was work, coming home, 2 hr nap, eat some soup or half a sandwich, and bed. It was so tiring, and yes I had the headaches too. I say just sleep sleep away. It's a preview for your first trimester.

    Don't give up. For as much as you had going against you, you also have a lot going for you (age, health, etc etc). You can get through this! Can't wait to read about your baby (babies??? Twins, maybe?)

  9. Can't wait to hear how it goes Priscilla!!!

    Lucy-it's nice to know I'm not the only one!

    Anonymous-thanks for the words of hope! I'll keep you posted!