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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Unintentional Lie

o I have O neg blood...which is gold for the blood drives. They call me...often...to get me to come in. DH and I decided that while we are going through this process, it would be best for me to keep all of my blood. So yesterday, I got a call from the RedCross begging me to come in. This is the 3rd call this week so I was getting a little tired of it. So while on the phone with this women I did the math and thought 'well how long will I need to not donate if this cycle works'. So I asked her to remove me from the calling list for about 9 months. Not thinking that this is usually what people say when they are pregnant. So the women goes "Oh my goodness, that is so wonderful. Congratulations. Is this your first?" I didn't have the heart to tell her no lady, I'm infertile and going through IVF....so instead I responded "yes." Then she proceeded to congratulate me some more.

After I got off the phone I felt just awful about going along with a lie. It stung pretty bad to tell a lie that I wanted so badly to be reality. Hard lesson learned.


  1. Ugh, that must have been horrible. I hope this is the last time you need to tell that white lie.

  2. Gosh, I honestly think I would have done the same thing, though. Who wants to launch into IF history/procedures with the Red Cross lady?! I have been praying for you as you anticipate FET! I don't understand the december 2 "stitches placed on cervix" though? You place the stitches before the transfer?

  3. SO sorry...that must have been awful. I agree with A though...going into details would have been even harder. But, hey, you can always think of it this way...b/c your FET is so close you can consider yourself in the PUPO category so it's not a lie!! :)

  4. I had to call my OB to schedule my D&C so when the operator asked if I'm a pregnant patient of his, I answered no. Then after much thought, said yes. Not sure what you are when you have a missed m/c... So she started the congrats. I just let her too. It already sucks enough without explaining to strangers!

  5. Thanks for all of the kind words ladies! It sucked, but you are right...there was really not much else I could tell her!

    Here's to being PUPO!!!!!

    I am praying so hard for all of you ladies.

  6. A-the stitches are placed two days before my transfer. I guess during my last transfer, they found out I have a weird cervix that doesn't allow for the passage of the catheter with the embryo with ease. Last time they had to use a tenaculum and some cream to help dialte the cervix...which for obvious reasons isn't a good idea when you want embryos to stay in. So this time they will place a stitch just above the opening of the cervix so that they can tug on the string to help open the cervix to put the catheter through.

    I though the whole process was weird, but when my RE explained it, it made sense!

  7. Sorry you had to lie ... but it's hard to have to explain your IF situation to a perfect stranger, too, so you were definitely in a bit of a bind. You can explain to them later when you are holding your baby! =)

  8. It's hard to have to do that kind of lie, but really, it's all for the best. And here's hoping it really is true after your FET!

  9. I have O-negative blood as well and I hate getting the harrassing phone calls. What's worse is that I donate to two different places so while one agency thinks it's time for me to come back in, they don't realize that I already donated at the other agency. I'll have to use the pregnancy lie sometime!