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Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm back and still alive.

Ok, let's recap!

Christmas in Florida
I could not possibly be happier that this year was my parents turn with us for Christmas since Kansas got about a foot of snow and all of the roads shut down.  The drive down to Florida was long and uneventful.  Spending a week with my parents and sisters was amazing.  Made me realize what an awesome (and functional) family I have.  As for Christmas day-Santa was very good to me this year. My husband got me my first legit Coach purse and matching wristlet.  All previous “Coach” purses had been Chinatown finds.  My mother-in-law AND mother got me the SAME pair of Ugg boots…same size, same color, same everything.  Great minds think alike I guess.  So I exchanged one pair and got a different style boot…so now I have 2 pairs of Uggs! My sisters got me all kinds of neat jewelry, candles, and clothing.  My sister in law got me a beautiful vest and shirt from Ann Taylor.  All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas.  We drove back to Nashville yesterday.  The drive back took us about 1 ½ hours less than it did to drive down.  Our doggies were adorable on the drive. 

 My little guy riding on the cooler in the car:

Me, my two sisters, and my best friend being goofy:

Hubby and I at a Christmas Party:

My little guy again riding in the trunk on the presents:

The 3 musketeers...

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas!

IF treatment
Today I go for my baseline u/s to check for cysts.  If all goes well I’ll start Follistim tomorrow.  From there we will keep checking the progress of the follies.  Once I have one big enough we will trigger and then 5 days later they will put 2 of our embryos back inside.  Hopefully this protocol will circumvent the lining issues.  I think it will be much more like a natural pregnancy that your typical FET.

This time I am really trying to live life and not think about what is going on with this cycle.  I’ve been let down way too much lately with all of this crap and honestly and beginning to come to grips with the fact that we may never have a biological child.  As such, I bought my first book on adoption while we were in Florida.  So if you plan on checking in, I’ll try to give brief updates on how this FET is going, but I am not going to write about it alone.  I am hoping that this will ease the pain if IVF#3 fails again.

Who knows…..here’s hoping the 3rd time is the charm.

I hate facebook.  I hate everyone of my friends that posts about how “awesome being a mom is” or “life is so wonderful.” Yes…I get it…God blessed you with a working reproductive system and a baby as a result.  Just remember that not all of us are so lucky.  So my number of blocked friends grows.  I just don’t have the patience or tolerance for that shit!

That about sums up what has gone on since my last post.  I’ll check back in with any news from today’s appointment.  Crossing my fingers for an uneventful ultrasound!!!


  1. Sorry...the pictures are totally jacked up. Too lazy to fix it.

  2. I'll second that with the facebook thing. Between complaining about being sick and miserable and "never wanting to do it (Go through pregnancy) again", and then those "Oh my little family feels so complete"...I seriously could punch them and NOT feel bad about it. LOL Glad you had a nice Christmas though!

  3. The pics look great! Crossing my fingers for your cycle... Hoping for a New Year's miracle!

  4. It looks like you had a great time away :) I will be praying for a successful cycle, but mostly for God to lead you clearly and give you peace with whatever He has next for you!!

  5. Facebook is not good for the "fertility challenged." I agree with you totally- we know you have adorable perfect little kids and you're pregnant again. We get it. Now stop talking about it.

  6. I love all your pics! Your pups are so ridiculously cute! I am also glad you had such a nice Christmas. I hope that 2010 brings you your little miracle. =)

  7. Hoping your u/s appt brought good news!!! Not too fond of those FB announcements either....so I've limited my friends list!

  8. Oh and p.s.
    I've often thought the IF community should start some FB group to share the crap we deal with IRL *friends*....maybe one already exists, but if we posted status updates like "shot myself up 5x's today with drugs that make me crazy just to do it again for the next 7 days to have a CHANCE at getting preggo".....some people might learn a thing or 2 about the crap we deal with! LOL