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Monday, September 21, 2009

The results are in.....

My E2 is up to 11,305.  I cannot believe it is that high.  Fortunately, my clinic is going to let me proceed with the fresh transfer provided A) we have good embryos to transfer and B) I don't have severe OHSS symptoms between now and Sunday (which is when our transfer is scheduled).

So DH and I are off to retrieval tomorrow morning at 8:15.  I am praying that we get lots and lots of mature follicles and that OHSS doesn't follow!  I REALLY want to do a fresh transfer!

Funny pics following anesthesia to follow courtesy of my husband I am sure!

As a side note, I asked today about pelvic rest (the one thing they don't tell you about on this journey) and was informed that it begins from the transfer to the beta.  If the beta is positive it continues through the first trimester!!!!!!!  Funny how the one thing you are supposed to do to get pregnant is the one thing you are forbid to do as an IF patient.

(I swear this is what it feels like sometimes!)


  1. Oh heavens, what a photo- I almost can't look! I am so glad that you're moving forward- I totally would have cried at the possibility of cancelling, so don't feel bad about that! Our first injectible cycle is in jeopardy now due to a prsospective business trip for hubby, and it's all I can do to not think about it too much for fear of waterworks!! I'll be praying for a successful cycle!

  2. LOL that photo is to funny!!!

  3. Thanks guys.

    A, I hope your IUI works out with DHs travel schedule. Is it possible for you guys to freeze a sperm sample at your clinic to use just in case?