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Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet our blastocyst

I'll try to make this quick...

I've been in and out of the doctors office for mild OHSS.  I have some fluid surrounding the uterus and a pocket sitting up against my right lung.  My belly is so distended that I look about 5 months pregnant....it's gross!  The absolute worse part of this has been the indigestion and acid reflux.  This morning it was so bad that I was hysterically crying wondering if we should ditch our transfer and go straight to the emergency room.  Based on the title of the blog, we obviously went to our transfer.

So to recap our morning, DH was wonderful and decided we should go to Dunkin to get some breakfast before heading to the clinic.  I love their flat bread sandwiches.  As soon as we order our food I began getting cold sweats and the worst stomach pain I had ever experienced.  Before I could eat anything I was feeling AWFUL...so DH got me out to the car and laid down the seat...at which point I was hysterically crying from pain and moaning.  I don't think DH knew what to do with me.  We start the drive to the clinc...all the while thinking "there is NO way there are going to let me do this transfer when is show up with mascara running down my face from pain."  We pull into the lot and the second he stopped the car I got out and threw up all over....including on myself.  Well it was all tomato juice....the only thing I had drank this morning.  What was I thinking??  My stomach still really hurt, but I felt indescribably better!

So the nurse meets us and another couple out in the parking garage...because it is a Sunday and the place is locked up otherwise.  We get into a room, change, meet with our nurse, and in comes the embryologist.  He told us the plan was to only transfer 1 embryo to A)decrease the risk of multiples and B) decrease my risk of developing severe OHSS (since my E2 was over 11,000 at retrieval).  He told us we have 8 embryos so far that have made it to blastocyst stage...all As and Bs and that all of these were ready to cyrofreeze.  He said the rest of them have a chance of catching up between today and tomorrow.  So given the number of embryos we have, I was completely comfortable only transferring 1 this time.

 Here is our beautiful grade A embaby that was transferred today:

So I took a Valium, they brought me back, DH got to look at our embryo in the microscope, and they put my legs up in the infamous stirrups. The slipped the catheter in (after quite the struggle and having to chemically dilate my cervix) and put the embryo in.  They wheeled us back to recovery and I laid there for an hour.

Now I am giving this whole "bed rest" thing a good ole' college try.  It's harder than I thought.  My back is killing me!!

Now I am just looking forward to getting my snow baby report!  I'll keep you posted: )

Just got our embryo report!
DH all ready in his scrubs.

The embryo incubator (sorry it's so dark...the lights are off in the transfer room)

Our embryologist and our beautiful embaby in the incubator.  Amazing isn't it!

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  1. Congrats- will be praying the little one finds a cozy place to snuggle in for the long haul!