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Monday, August 10, 2009

Keep your eye on the prize

So DH gave me the "test" progesterone shot last Wednesday. It went surprisingly well. I will admit that I got myself completely worked up and started to cry before he did it. My wonderful husband was an absolute trooper....I know he hates needles, but he calmed me down and gave me the shot like a pro. He looked me in the eyes and told me to "keep your eyes on the prize." He said whenever I get scared or nervous to just think about why we are doing all of this. He couldn't be more right. I am so blessed to have such a level headed DH. I think the build up was WAY worse than the actual shot. I won't lie and say it didn't hurt, because it did. He did it just like a dart. Doing it quickly made the prick of the needle actually breaking the skin much more tolerable. He pushed the progesterone in oil really slow though and I think next time we will try to push it a little bit faster because it because quite uncomfortable having a needle in my butt cheek that long. The next day my bootie was tender, but nothing unmanageable.

This past weekend we went to St. Louis to see DH's sister and our nephews. We had a great time playing with them. They are absolute balls of energy. I also had the chance to talk to my sister in law about all of our infertility issues. It was quite nice because I don't think she really realized how much trouble we are having. It's easy from an outsiders perspective to say things like "How's the baby making coming" or "Are you pregnant yet" and not really realize how hurtful those phrases can be, so it was nice for her to have a glimpse into how painful this process has been for her baby brother and myself.

We also met up with some good friends that drove in to St. Louis as well. We had a great time...drank way too much (which I am taking full advantage of since I am not supposed to drink starting in a few days.

We are officially a few days away from being "in-cycle" for our IVF protocol. I take birth control through this Wednesday and then wait for AF to arrive. At that point our money in whole is due to the clinic. Then the fun begins!


  1. YAY for approaching the starting gate! Good luck!!!

  2. Thanks Eileen...it's an exciting yet scary step!

  3. Make sure you ice before the PIO and use a heating pad for 15 mins afterward. That really helps the oil liquify and absorb. I iced for all of my injections (Lupron, stims, and PIO) and did just fine.

    Congrats and get ready for the Lupron. It made me soooo tired. I lost 8 lbs b/c I was too tired to eat! Best of luck!

  4. Also Emily, there is a discussion board run by RESOLVE (the National Infertily Group) that was so helpful for me during my cycle. I got a lot of info and support logging in daily to chat with others cycling around the same time as myself.

    The url is: http://www.inspire.com/groups/living-after-infertility-resolution/

  5. Thanks for the info! I had heard about icing and heating....I didn't do it this time and was just fine, but I bet doing it over and over and over makes you sore!

    I'll look into the resolve website. Thanks...I appreciate it: )