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Thursday, August 27, 2009

A little bruise to the family jewels.

My poor hubby waited a week to tell me that he had been having some pain “down there.” He told me after he made an appointment to see the urologist. I was kind of surprised that he made an appointment to see the turn-and-cough doc considering it was like pulling teeth to get him to go when we first started seeking fertility treatments. He let it go for a week thinking the dog maybe jumped on him the wrong way or he hurt himself jet skiing.

He went on Tuesday and the doctor didn’t seem the least bit worried about the fact that we had an IVF treatment cycle coming up (which we just wrote an $11,000 check for). His first concern was testicular cancer. After they examined him, the doc felt that it was probably not cancer, but maybe a varicele or an aquacele (which I had never even heard of before). He also felt that the prostatitis (ok…seriously, prostatitis keeps trying to auto correct to “prostitutes”) that he was first diagnosed with several months ago might be coming back. He ordered him a testicular ultrasound to check it out.

He had his U/S yesterday and the tech said everything looks good…although we still haven’t heard from the doctor. I called our fertility clinic to let them know what was going on, and they felt the best course of action would be to go ahead and freeze a sperm sample “just in case.” My nurse said that she seriously doubts anything could happen to his sperm counts that would no allow us to be successful doing ICSI…so that’s good. So $700 later, we now have a sperm sample, or a spermsicle if you will, on ice “just in case.” If anything else it’s peace of mind for the day of our retrieval. So I assume well be getting a call shortly with a report of our little swimmers.

In other news, we are leaving for vacation tomorrow! I couldn’t be more excited. This will be one of the first true vacations we have taken that hasn’t been coupled with one of my husband’s business trips since our honeymoon. We will be spending 7 days on Oak Island, NC. We rented this adorable little beach house that we will be sharing with two of our other couple friends that we love hanging out with.

We started our Z-packs on Tuesday and hubby has to take a double does of antibiotics for the prostatits. I start my Lupron on the 30th so I need to be sure to pack all drugs, syringes, alcohol swabs, and sharps containers for vacation. Seriously, I don’t know how diabetics do it will all the needles with they travel. Pain in the butt if you ask me!

Guess that’s it! Say a little prayer that Tropical Storm Danny changes course and doesn’t head right to NC!!!! Pics from our vacation to follow!!


  1. The beach house looks amazing!! I hope your hubby feels better soon- I bet he was so nervous with the IVF coming up. I hope you come back relaxed and refreshed!

  2. Thanks! We are excited. I appreciate the wishes for hubby. Hopefully this vacation is just what we need to be completely relaxed before this IVF cycle!