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Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting ready...little by little

So this weekend we did our last Babies-r-us run.  We exchanged some stuff from the shower that we received duplicates of and picked up all of the final little things we needed like a bottle sterilizer, 2 extra car seat bases for our 2nd car, some extra changing table covers, etc.

It's kind of weird to think that will be our last baby run before we actually have the babies.  The nursery is pretty much ready to go.  The cribs are made, the changing table is fully stocked, the breast pump parts have been sterilized.....all of the little things are done.  My husband did some serious cleaning and organizing in there last week while I napped.  I am so greatful for all of his help...especially since I am on bed rest and feel like a worthless member of our household.

So now I am just laying here with my legs crossed tight in bed doing everything I can to hold these babies in. The contractions are still coming...but very infrequent...about one or two every hour. I go back to the doctor this Thursday for my next appointment.  Hopefully not much will have changed!

In other news, our bedroom furniture that we have been waiting for for nearly 8 months from Direct Buy FINALLY arrived.  So glad we are not living out of card board boxes in our room anymore!!!


  1. Beautiful bedroom furniture!!! Keep those legs crossed tight!

  2. Love the furniture! Just gorgeous!!! And I know what you mean about bed rest and not being able to do anything. It is so hard to sit there and think of all the things that you want to do but can't. not much longer now, though!!

  3. I love your bedroom furniture and your wall color!!! At least you have a gorgeous room to look at while you're on bedrest... Hope your appt on Thursday is very uneventful. :)

  4. The bedroom furniture is amazing!

  5. Your entire home must be gorgeous!!!
    Stay put and let them cook...your hubby sounds amazing!!!

  6. Enjoy having everything ready before you need it. I'm just a little jealous!

    Your room is beautiful!

  7. You are doing so much for your household.. by being on bedrest and following instructions set by doctors you are allowing you babies those exra precious days and weeks they need to grow and mature a bit more!! YOU are doing so much sweetie and I can only guess it's not easy!!

    Your bedroom looks great and love the new furniture!! All seems to be coming together for when the babies get here!! So happy for you!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bedroom set!!! Keep those legs crossed mama!!! :)

  9. love the furniture! yay for you! looks great, and so do you! wishing you lots of comfort until the babes arrive!

    elaine, lfca