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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Registry mayhem

I am at a loss.  I really thought putting together our baby registry would be easy as long as I have fantasized about doing it!  But here we are 2 weeks away from our first baby shower (still feels unreal), and I am staring at my target registry which has about 15 items on it.

So I am asking all of you that have done your registries already or already have babies….what are some necessities that should be on there?  We already have all of the furniture…..and I am ordering my breast pump through the hospital I work at…so those are most of the big ticket items.  Please share with me what else I MUST have!


  1. Two boppys, two bouncers, bibs and receiving blankets (you can't have enough of either)are you using bottles at all? If so Dr. Brown's are great.

    Congratulations on your upcoming shower! So exciting :o)

  2. I'm going by the Baby Registry Checklist from Amalah's pregnancy calendar. ( http://www.alphamom.com/pregnancy-calendar/ ) It has a bunch of items, and there are tons of comments also which have other suggestions.

    I've also checked out some of the Amazon lists and NEED to call my friend who has a 2-3 year old to actually go to the store with me and provide a voice of reason on practical vs. oh so cute but not quite so useful items. And of course, there's always the oh so helpful comment that what works for one baby might not work for the other...

    I'll be checking back to see if anyone else has helpful comments which I can steal... LOL

  3. BRU gives you a checklist...it might be available online..good luck!! I know it's overwhelming!

  4. Get the book Baby Bargains--it was our instruction booklet for registering--gives reviews on the best stuff, and tells you what you do and don't need, beyond those silly registry lists the stores give you which are just pushing products you may not need.

  5. here's a link to my old one

  6. You've gotta get a Daiper Genie....or 2!! And onesies, the more the better! Ditto with crib sheets. At one point I was changing my son's shhets every day. Just find a solid that goes wieh the set you've purchased. I had solids for everyday then on the weekends (when there was company around for sure) I'd put out the originals that went with the sets.

  7. Hey girl!!
    Turns out that there's waaay less on mine than I thought there would be. You can look at mine at BRU, just search Tracey Johnson in Virginia. I also have one at Buy Buy Baby and Pottery Barn Kids you can look at. I feel like there's mostly big ticket things on there and I'm worried people won't want to spend money and will just get me other stuff, which I'll appreciate but then you still have to get the things you need and that's more stress.
    Good luck!! My first shower is about a month away and we just can't believe it either!

  8. My boys went in their swings each night at dinner so we could eat together. Also, we had a pack and play (with change table attachment) set up in our family room for diaper changes and midday naps. This was great so I didn't have to lug them up and down the stairs several times a day when they needed a bum change. Also, beside our pack and play we set up one of those plastic set of drawers full of baby essentials for said bum changes. The top drawer had all of the bum creams, sunscreen and stuff, next drawer was baby wipes, the next two were full of diapers (at times one drawer each of different sizes)and the bottom drawer had extra onesies and pjs for when the babies spit up or had a diaper blow out. I couldn't have done it without that set up!

  9. If you plan to swaddle, get a woombie or swaddlepod. Love them! Check out my registry at Target, BRU and Walmart. I researched everything that had reviews. Make sure you pick out a lot of things that are in the stores b/c almost no one oredered online.
    Here's a few things I recommend- footed sleepers, gowns, bibs, burp cloths, boppy or Walmart has one that has a little harness that I like, disposable changing pads with leaves on them from Munchkin, pack and play, Ultimate crib sheet, lap and other type pads, things that make music, Mobi video monitor, Angelcare monitor, Kick piano (not sure of the brand but has a sunshine and hippo, etc on it.
    I also strongly recommend Baby Bargains book!

  10. 4 crib sheets per babe. Pacifiers in case of emergency, you can never have too many bibs... ever, Medela nipple shield (your welcome), either baby carriers or a stroller, booster seats or high chairs, 2 changing pad covers per babe, 2 sleepsacks (swaddle blankets are too short) per babe, hippy bath products (Burt's Bees etc. way more gentle then Johnson & Johnson), 100 breast milk storage bags (cause you're feeding 2), diapers (you'll want x10 of each size), wipes x10. If you're still at a complete loss you might want to just give people the options of gift cards to Target, BRU, Stride Rite (oh my god they get all our money), Amazon, any children's clothing store etc. Hope this helps.

  11. No idea but have fun at your shower!