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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have been plagued with this kind of tired that just doesn't go away.  I fall asleep on the couch most evenings by about 9-9:30pm.  Then I transplant myself in bed around 10-10:30.  I wake up once or twice to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and then get up for work at 5am. So that is 8 hours of sleep give or take.  I NEVER slept 8 hours before I was pregnant.  5 or 6 hours was the norm and worked just fine for me. Now it seems like no matter how much sleep I get, I am SO tired all day long.  I am crossing my fingers that this is a phase and not something that will progressively get worse. Making it through the 1 hour commute to work, a 9 hour work day, and a 1 hour commute home is already wearing on me.

Ok...that's enough complaining. In other news, we ordered our second crib.  For those of you that have followed most of the nursery drama...yes we already had another crib that DH's brother gave us.  Long story short, the movers lost the two pieces that hold the side rails up.  Also...the mattress does not fit in the crib appropriately, so I am at peace with buying a new one.  We actually got a crazy insane deal on Amazon on the Graco Ashely crib.  They have it at BRU for $170 plus tax.  I got it on Amazon for $119 with free shipping and no tax.  We picked it because A) it's cheap and babies don't need expensive furniture B) it kind of matches the other crib the SIL gave us (which I couldn't find a matching one for sale ANYWHERE on the internet, and C)did i mention it's cheap.

Here's a picture of the crib we ordered:

And for comparison, here is the other crib we already have (Babi Italia Carlisle):

My hope is that the colors will at least semi match. I am also planning on staining the white-wash changing table we have to match as well.  It seems like the nursery is coming together little by little.

In other baby news, this weekend is our first baby shower in Kansas (hosted by DH's best friend and his wife).  Yes, I know 20 weeks is really early for a shower, but this is the last week I am able to fly.  I about peed my pants this morning when I got this email from the host/hostess:
"Hey Randy,

Ashley has been working on cakes for your party, and i thought I would send you a sneak peek. She is going to color the hair blonde and still has to figure out the twins thing, but I'm sure she'll nail it.... Hope you like it."

And the picture that was attached:

Oh how I love our friends!

Finally, my belly definitely feels like it popped out over night.  Here is an "almost 20 weeks" picture from this morning.  Please pardon my double chins.  My face is starting to look a bit puffy.  

I am beginning to have to thwart off awkward attempts by co-workers and such to touch my belly.  Permission people.  You can touch it....just ask first!  Otherwise it's just belly rape!


  1. omg, i just peed in my pants. that cake is HILARIOUS, yet sooooooooo utterly disturbing at the same time. you're looking GREAT and have that happy-mommy-to-be look that i envy :o)

  2. OMG! I am dying laughing at that cake!!! The funniest darn thing I have ever seen!!!

    So exciting that you're getting the nursery together. Moving along, huh! Also, love the pix - what a beautiful belly!!!

  3. Oh. My.
    That cake.
    It's hysterical!!! But is it what you were expecting?
    The cribs will be so fine, don't worry about it.
    You have an hour commute each way? Oh darlin', that sounds rough these days!! And even if the tired part stops getting worse, just being uncomfortable in the car might be rough. Hopefully you won't go out on bedrest, but at the same time, not such a bad thing so long as mom and babies are all OK and make it to term right? My friend who had twins was on bedrest at 19 weeks and delivered at 36 weeks.

    I love your pics - thanks for sharing!!

  4. Oh...that cake...Wow...that's really...something.

    The belly is looking great!

  5. luv the cake! and if you can get that changing table in the bathroom or in a hall by the bath do it! you wont beleive how many times you will need to do a total change with out waking or disturbing the other and how many "just givem a bath" diapers in the start...it is a back saver, that is why we put playpens with "bassinett" features thorugh out the house for changing tables.

  6. I LOVE that cake! I am curious how you work the twin thing into it...

    You look fabulous and I'm glad things are going well for you.

  7. That cake is hillarious! seriously. that would be a fun cake to cut up an serve!? cute belly pics, you look awesome!

  8. OMG, that cake is hilarious!!! Hope you have fun while you're in Kansas...we're in the Wichita area, although we're traveling back home to Iowa this weekend!

    I am DYING!! Thanks so much Emily! I needed a good laugh! Please post pic's of the final cake! Can't wait to see how they work twins into that!
    You look beautiful!! I can see your pregnancy glow all the way in Florida!!!
    Have a great shower!!

  10. Belly rape, lol. I hated that shit last time! You look great and I love the cribs and cake (ROFL)!

  11. LOL... love the cake. Can't wait to see the finished product, i.e. how she incorporated the twins thing! Love the cribs and love your pictures. You look lovely!

  12. oh my God!!! Your shower sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun.. judging by the cake!!! You look great and so so happy!! Love the second crib and it looks like it will go very nicely with the other crib! Cannot wait to see both cribs in the same room!!! You are so organised!!!

  13. Okay first of all that cake is HYSTERICAL! I almost died laughing. Second, your baby bump is so cute! You're glowing! =) And, I love your crib. We almost got that one, too, but ended up getting the Graco Lauren crib instead. They both are such awesome deals!

  14. you look great!!!

    I love Amazon. With twins, Amazon prime is a must. It is awesome to pay nothing for 2 day shipping. Also "subscribe and save" on diapers, wipes, etc is a godsend!

  15. That was a funny post. The cake is so creepy.