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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why men shouldn't play with baby things

Baby showers are great.  You get lots of "stuff" for your little addition(s).  Coincidently, husbands get lots of time to "test" these gifts.

Exhibit A:

You may remember this lovely gift from here:

But here is how it has been used:

Yes, that is DH testing the night vision and "Crying" to see how the sound works.

Just had to share because I died laughing when he did this.


  1. Nice. It's the little things that make this time so much fun!

    I need to post the pic DH took of our younger cat testing out the bouncer seat we were given. She looks quite content.

  2. Oh this is great! I can totally see my Hubs doing the exact same thing...

  3. Awesome product testing. I'm sure the company would be proud to know it passed the crying- father-in-the-dark test. We actually used our cat to try out our carseat. He did not enjoy it, for the record. :)

  4. This is my all time favorite baby gadget!!!! And my DH did the exact same thing!!!! But you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing. Our son is now two and he actually has it figured out...he yells at us by looking to the camera versus facing the door!!!! ha ha

  5. hahaha!! boys will be boys!! I am sure he gave you a good explanation as to why it needs to be tested this way.. hehehe!!! :))))

  6. This is hilarious esp since he had to "act like he was crying!"