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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not coping well

DH is out of the country until Saturday.  Business trips are no stranger to our relationship.  He has to travel often.  In fact...he moved to take his current job while I still lived in Miami and we lived apart for 6 months. I am usually just fine, but for some reason, this time, I am not holding it together very well.   Our house seems so eerie and lonely.  The dogs aren't much comfort either because they are being a bunch of lazy assess and sleeping since I got home from work.  I have realized how truly boring life is without him.

I just need to hold it together for another 96 hours. I am going to chalk my break downs over his absense on hormones.  Damn you hormones.


  1. My dh travels a lot and I have always been fine with it, but since I have been pg I am clingy and hate for him to leave. Hope the next few days fly by!!

  2. Hormones can make everything so much worse! I have been flipping out over the house being clean enough. Also, I've been wanting the husband around alot more since being pregnant. Somehow it made me more dependant. (I'd never tell him that.)

  3. Sweetie I feel your pain!! I hate it when D leaves for work but then remember you are in good company!!! I hope the days just fly on by till Sat!!

  4. Ohhh, hang in there! I know how hard it is and hormones aren't helping, but he'll be back soon. I often feel that way when Russ is gone for a while and then I question myself about why I'm so dependent on him and then my mood just gets worse! You're so fortunate to have a husband who you adore. You can get through these next couple days!!!

  5. Ugh...I feel the SAME way now when my hubby travels! It totally sucks!! I think now that I'm pregnant it's just made me realize how much more alone I would be without my DH around...and the hormones, oh the hormones!! Hope the time goes by quickly!! I would come visit you if we lived in the same city!!! XOX

  6. Oh that SUCKS, I'm so sorry Emily. You're right, the hormones definitely make it worse, too. I hope those 96 hours go by super fast!!

  7. Gotta love the hormones! I hope this is his last trip until your two little ones arrive.

    In the meantime, try to enjoy spending the time by yourself - come October (or September), it's going to be hard to arrange!