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Friday, June 25, 2010

25 week appointment

Today we had our 25 weeks sono and dr. appointment.  The sono went great.  The babies "semi" cooperated until the nurse came midway and gave me the glucola to drink for my glucose tolerance test (GTT). It was all down hill from there.

I never get tired seeing my babies on the monitor.  It is a magical moment every time I see their faces. It's hard to think that you can fall in love with someone you have never even met before.  So Baby A is still head down, but Baby B has flipped breach (well not quite breach....(s)he is kind of curled over with it's butt pressed up againsnt my right side.  The u/s tech said there really isn't a name for that position.  So anyways, we finally got to see a good side profile of baby A (we didn't get to last time because of position).  It was amazing.  The baby yawned while we were watching.  At that very same time we could see Baby B's foot coming in for the kill....it kicked baby A right in the face and we saw baby A's head bounce. Seriously...how can they not come out hating each other?

As a side note-DH and I both noted that the U/S tech dropped a gender describing word for Baby A twice.  We are going to keep it to ourselves though: )

All of the other measurements were good.  Baby A measured 1lb, 10 oz in the 45 percentile and Baby B measured 1lb, 12 oz in the 55th percentile.  The doctor that reviewed it said both were measuring perfectly in the middle which is what we want.  Always a relief.

Then I was directed to the blood draw area to have the blood for the glucose tolerance test drawn.  Still no word on the results.

Afterwards I had a horrible Doctors appointment with a new doc that had horrible bedside manner.  He pretty much came in, looked through my chart, said everything looks good, and kicked me out.  He completely disregarded my request for a cervix check or a fundal height check.  His rationale...."When your cervix starts to dilate you'll know it." How comforting....dick. Having a cousin that lost her son to premature labor, I am a little paranoid and it wouldn't have killed him to slap on a glove and make sure everything was ok.  Ok...enough ranting.

Other stats...BP was great at 111/70.  Weight (makes me want to vomit) but I have only gained 5lbs since my last appointment which is good putting my total weight gain for this pregnancy at 27lbs.  I am shooting for 40-45. My next appointment is in another 4 weeks when my family comes to town to host my baby shower: )

We didn't get very good pics,  but here is what we got:

Baby A-profile pic-you can kind of see the eyes, nose, and mouth:

Baby B-straight on pic-crazy the details on the face that you can see...2 eyes, a nose, and the mouth


  1. Yeah, I'm not too thrilled about that doctor blowing off your request for a cervical check. I do not think that you necessarily know when you're dialating and checking can't hurt, right? I hate to say it, but maybe you (we) need to start telling them about (phantom?) symptoms so that they check us out more thoroughly. You could say that you've had more discharge (which I'm sure you have) and that you're concerned that it's fluid and then they HAVE to check. Sorry to put my paranoia on you - I know your babies are strong and healthy, I just hate hearing that you're not being heard.

    Good luck on the glucose test!!! GD is a huge pain, but in the big picture not so bad really so long as it means baby is OK...still I hope you're all good and don't need to worry about that stuff.

    Can you believe you're 25 weeks already? I can't.

  2. I can't believe they slipped and told you the gender of one of the babies. I'd have kicked them in the rear! Especially after we've waited this long...

    Sorry about the rude doctor. Being pregnant with twins, you definitely should have frequent cervical checks. I can't believe he disregarded you like that.

    Glad everything looks good though! You'll be having those babies in no time at all.

  3. Some doctor's bedside manner just really sucks!! Sorry about that!! Cute u/s pics though!! :)

  4. What a jerk! I'm sorry you had such a nasty doc!

    But I'm so glad to hear all looks good with the twins. Great news!

  5. I know its frustrating that he didn't follow your request but every time they do a cervical check holds the possibility of introducing new/more bacteria. He could have been a little less sassy pants about the whole thing though!