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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One day you will have a kid just like you....

And I do.

This weekend I walked into my bathroom to discover that Harper had gotten my high heels out of my closet one at at a time and lined them up along the edge of the tub. She turned, looked at me, smiled, and pushed them into the tub all at once.  Before I could open my mouth, she turned the water on in the tub all while smiling.

I have figured out which one is going to be my button pusher!

PS-The blog about our trip to Hawaii will follow soon.  I am still too traumatized to write about the experience.


  1. Oh no, traumatized and Hawaii should never be in the same sentence! That's a funny story about Miss Harper :)
    Baby C is proving to be a lot like his Momma as well! I was a MAJOR climber as a baby, much more than normal kids. He's been a climber all along but this past week he's just taken off! He'll climb up the stool and onto the kitchen island! Out of this crib already!! (And he can now open doors, yikes!) This kid of 16 months old, I shouldn't be having to put him in a big boy bed already because he can scale the crib even with the mattress as the lowest setting! AGH! :)

  2. Stinker! That's my Vivi too. If it wasn't so funny, I'd probably get mad :)

  3. lol she must be wild