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Monday, November 14, 2011

Double ear infection

Well not really "double ear infections"....it's single ear infections in each kid making them double cranky and inconsolable.  It's fun.  Lots and lots of fun.  ::inserts bottle of wine in mouth::

I am hoping we can get these kids healthy soon because we leave for vacation next week.

For anyone that has taken a 7+ (10 hours of travel time) flight before with toddlers, please tell me your secrets!  I am losing hair thinking about this flight.


  1. We spent 24 hours traveling to Europe when C was 6 months old, but that was TONS easier because he wasn't mobile. A week ago we took him on an almost 3 hour flight and he was an angel. Do your girls watch movies, and if so do you have a portable DVD player? That thing has been the best investment yet! I packed a ton of toys and books but they never even came out of the bag while traveling, though your flight is longer. Will they color? I got a magic coloring book and markers (you know, the marker only colors on the special paper) and that has been great too. Are you getting them their own seats or will they be riding as lap infants? Do you have layovers in there? At our home airport each terminal had a little play area and we got some wiggles out there before the flight. Look for (or ask about) those.
    One thing that I liked was we sat in the 'front row' where there are no seats in front of you. That gave C a little more space to "run" (aka feel like he wasn't quite so crammed and enable him to hop off his chair is he wanted to for a minute). Ask the flight attendants and gate attendant for help.
    DEFINITELY take a pacifier for each, and if they won't take a paci take a bottle/sippy of their favorite drink. They will need to be sucking on something during take off and landing to help their ears adjust to the pressure change. That might be a problem with the ear infections, call your pediatrician and ask for advice on that.
    Yikes, good luck! Hopefully you are pleasantly surprised like I have been both times we've flown with C!!

  2. Ok, I have to edit my comment about the 24 hours of travel to Europe being easy with C. The flight there was great, the flight home we was sick as a dog and puking everywhere. We all went through all our changes of clothes, bought more in the airport, he couldn't hold down even water... yeah it was BAD. He ended up having the flu and being sicker than he's ever been, but the same could happen with food issues so don't give them any new foods within a day of flying! That was the longer 24 hours ever!!

  3. I have traveled 2 times on long fligths (well actually 4 times if you count the round trip). And it was no problem. I had a lot of snacks, a lot of toys. She was interested in all the people in the plane and loved peaking between the seats.

    We however could take turns in holding her, but she slept on my lap for 3 hours. Not used to sleeping anywhere else but at home but slept at airports and in my lap no problem.

    Have a lot of diapers, food and entertainment prefereably some new toys. And also take some favourite toys away now and give it back at the airplane will be a joyous reunion.

    She had her carseat in one of the trips which was great! She slept in the carseat and also sat there while she eat.

  4. no help on the flight but i hope they feel better!!

  5. Ah, both our ours had ear infections back to back once. Weeks of giving reluctant babies the pink stuff... NOT fun!

    We have not flown with ours, but we've driven 9 hours. I don't know... not being able to take a break might be hard. We had to make lots of stops. Ours hate to be confined. But it did help a TON if we were close to entertain them. ie. whoever was not driving had to be back in the 3rd row of our van making goofing off. Good luck!