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Monday, October 17, 2011

Wedding Photo Shoot Redo

So a few months ago we won this contest to have our wedding photos redone by the gal that take our girls photos.  The shoot was yesterday.  Check out the preview....so awesome!!
Wedding Photo Redo
 (And yes....that is my original wedding dress....it fit....which I find amazing!)


  1. Those are amazing Emily! I can't believe you went through that with your wedding photographer. I guess it was worth it to wind up with these gorgeous photos! And yes, wearing your wedding dress after twins = AMAZING.

  2. She is SO talented!

    Congratulations on winning the contest (though, boo to your first photographer for being such a failure!) and for fitting into your gown. That really IS amazing!

  3. So pretty!!! What a fun and unique opportunity and such a great idea

  4. AWESOME! The pics turned out FAB! So beautiful!

  5. yea! I remember voting for you, I'm so glad that you won, and they are AH-MAZ-ING!!! You are so beautiful!