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Thursday, October 20, 2011

My big girls

My girls are getting so big right before my eyes.  I still can't believe that I have toddlers.  The ones that don't need me constantly but can play all by themselves and push away when I try to hug them. They are doing new things every day that just amaze me.


  • Walking....well running now.  She went from one step here and there to running in 2 short weeks.
  • She loves giving kisses...or at least I think they are kisses....ok, actually she likes to open her mouth and try to bite my lips will drooling all over me.  I'll take it.
  • She is the bully.  She loves to push her sister down if she is in the way and doesn't think twice about doing it.
  • When I ask her to say mama she smiles at me and whispers "dada"...maybe because she knows how bad I want her to say mama. It's really funny.
  • She is such a good eater.  She will eat her meat and veggies without a fight.  It's awesome. 
  • She has 4 teeth and a 5th on the way.
  • She's wearing size 3 diapers and 18 month clothing.


  • She has taken single steps at a time but really just lets her body weight fall over and hopes someone catches her.  She'll get there soon I'm sure.
  • She is my snuggler, especially when she is tired.  I love curling up with her because she doesn't push away. 
  • She leaves her sister alone with the exception of slapping.  She LOVES slapping people. Perhaps its the sound it makes, but there is nothing she loves more than giving her sis a big ole' slap across the face while they are bathing.
  • She is our vocal baby.  She just looks at me and talks on and on in her baby language.  I am sure she is telling me something.  What I don't know.  The girls seem to understand each other.  She can say "mama" "dada" "dog" and "cock."  Seriously.....I am still appalled that that is one of her words.  In all fairness it was because dad was talking about his rooster shirt which he jokingly said "Hey honey, look at this big cock."  Lesson learned. 
  • She is my finicky eater.  I usually put only the meat and veggies on their trays.  She will have a standoff with me until she gets fruit complete with scattering all of the meat and veggies all over the tray and floor with her hands.  She will eat almost any fruit you put in front of her though.
  • She has only 2 teeth and possibly 1 top one coming in.
  • She is wearing size 3 diapers and 18 month clothing as well.


  1. I'm with harper, who doesn't love the sound of a good slap? :) they are both so adorable!

  2. They look great! How amazing is it that they can't do something one day and can the next?

  3. They're getting so big and adorable! I love hearing how much they're growing and learning new things!!!

  4. Your girls are SO cute! I love this age, except for the tantrums, I could do without. Mine spent, no joke, 45 minutes playing "hide and seek" with a sock tonight and laughing their heads off. So fun!

    One of mine is walking (running) and the other CAN, but just isn't into it - so she doesn't! I was stressed about it, but the pedi said on Wednesday that she will walk when she's good and ready, so I've relaxed.

    My guys just turned 16 months. We also have a bully, and one that just kind of takes it and occasionally gets upset. Both talk up a storm, but to one another and although they have a few "words" a lot of it is twin talk with one another.

    But both of ours are really picky eaters - which is so frustrating. But both do have teeth everywhere - but the teething with molars has been hard.

    Sounds like your girls are doing great!