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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wedding photo redo!

So if I have ever talked to you about my wedding, you probably have head the story about how our photographer was a total scam artist.  We did a destination wedding and found this woman on the internet.  She had a great website and beautiful pictures...so we thought "what the hell." In case you are curious, are wedding was in Key West and the photographers name is Jennifer Miller.  Her website is www.naturalportraitsinparadise.com (the funny thing is it takes you to a BS story about her little scam).  So anyways, this woman shows up to our wedding (in jeans) reeking like cigarettes to take our pictures.  Fast forward 1 year.  We still have no photos.  So I called her and asked for the photos.  She gives me this long story about how her house burned down and some of negatives burned but some of them were at the photo developers so she would send us those (the offer to send those was after the threat of a lawsuit mind you).  So we get this box of photos that stinks like cigarrettes and looks like my 5 year old nephew took.  They were AWFUL!  I have pictures of almost everyones double chin and even some pictures of a homeless person that was laying on the streets.

So anyways, when our photographer that took the girls baby photos offered a wedding photo redo contest we jumped on it!  We are in the final 3 couples elgibile to win!  She has left the decision up to her followers.  So if you have some time, please go to Brooke Kelly's Facebook Page and "like" her site.  Then click on Wedding Photo Contest and click on the first picture "Randy and Emily" and "like" it.  As you can see, the photo was taken with a keyhole lens (as were most of our pictures) and is actually backwards.  Look at the text on the southermost point.  I would really appreciate all of the support we can get!! 


  1. Boo! I can't access FB at work. But how cool that you were able to get some good photos taken after the fact?!
    I wanna see some new pics of the girls!!

  2. I am SO happy that you guys ended up winning! i know a couple that had something similar happen but they didn't get anything and the guy did it to a LOT of couples. i can't imagine!! congrats!

  3. Will do! Sorry about cigarette lady!

  4. i just went today. so sorry. very behind in my reading. I saw that you won! congrats!