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I am a mom to amazing twin girls, a wife, and I work full time. I battled infertility for 2 years and over the course of treatments, a twin pregnancy, and raising twins I managed to gain about 80 lbs. I’ve lost about 50 lbs so far and would like to lose another 50 in my quest to become a hot mama.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I am so full of chit

So this time around I promised myself I wouldn't obsess over every single twinge and cramp I feel....and I am obviously full of it! I did good for the first 4 days of the 2ww...but now I am obsessing..."Oh god, I have cramps, it's only CD6, better brace for AF"

Infertility sucks! Why can't I just get knocked up and be all shocked and awed over it! Instead I get to stress and have mini panic attacks over every cramp. Shitty.

In other news, I believe I may have pissed of a friend of mine who just doesn't understand that I don't give a rats ass about all of our friends that have had babies and how his wife's surprise pregnancy is going. I told him I love him to death, but he will never understand what my husband and I are going through and how gut wrenching it is to hear about everyone else's happy pregnancies. I don't want to see your ultrasound pictures and I don't want to know how big your baby is getting. Callous, perhaps...but at this point in our journey, I simply don't care anymore!

Other than that...looking forward to the weekend. We are going to have some friends over for dinner tonight. I am making a Cuban food feast! We might go down to the marina and hang out, maybe take our boat out for a night cruise....guess we'll play it by ear. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend on the water...some time to not think about whether I am or am not pregnant.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Hi, Emily! I stumbled across your blog while surfing through Mel's blogroll. I've got a few years on you in terms of age, but it looks like we're in similar places in this sucky IF journey. My 3rd iui is tomorrow, so I can relate to where you are. I'm certain I've pissed off plenty of friends along the way, but I justify it by telling myself that I have to protect my emotions from those who don't understand. Good luck finding distractions through the remainder of your tww.

  2. Hi Emily :) I also just recently stumbled on to your blog. I've loved reading your posts, I have an award for you on my blog.

  3. Hey Kristin! Thanks so much! I am just getting into the whole blogging thing. It's been really difficult to stay on it when I find out I'm not pregnant...but I am vowing to be better at it! Thanks for the award: )